Fast Food Day

Fast Food Day - Saturday, November 16, 2024

Food & Drink

Fried Chicken, Pizza, Hot Dogs, Chips, Onion Rings, Hamburgers, oh my! Fast Food is both boon and bane to the busy people of the world, and we all have our favorites. Traditionally rich and greasy, fast food tastes like pure bliss on your tongue, and can easily become addictive. Whether you love rich cheese and bacon covered potato wedges, or a quick and healthier chicken taco, Fast Food Day is your excuse to indulge in all your favorite treats.

History of Fast Food Day

Thanks to the rising popularity of cars after World War I, fast food started finding a niche that it could fill for the road-bound traveler. Whether it was a quick trip into town for a rare treat, or a stop on a cross-country adventure, a fast, hot food choice was needed to fill the niche. White Castle first stepped onto the scene in 1921, when hamburgers were offered for .05 apiece, and by 1950 fast food had become an American Institution. From there the love of fast food started spreading throughout the world, and can now be found in everywhere from downtown Japan to India.

While the “hamburger joint” was the first type of fast food, fast food restaurants can be found in just about every ethnic cuisine the world has to offer. From Mexican to Thai, there’s sure to be a restaurant you can swing through to enjoy your favorite flavors of rich greasy goodness.

How to Celebrate Fast Food Day

The start with you can celebrate Fast Food Day by dedicating every meal to a different variety of fast food. Stop in a McDonald’s for a breakfast burrito, fried tater discs, and an orange juice, and then stop in at Burger King for a Whopper with Onion Rings and a Strawberry Shake! Then to round it all off find the nearest KFC and round it all up with a big ol’ basket of chicken, because that’s how Fast Food Day rolls!

To add a little bit of variety to your experience, ask about the ‘secret menu’ most Fast Food restaurants have. These aren’t really secret, so much as a list of discontinued items that are still able to be made with the ingredients from the normal menu. Jack in the Box, for instance, has a Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger made with Bacon Bits, Bacon Strips, Two Patties, and cheese that is just to die for (or from?).

Don’t let Fast Food Day go by without drowning yourself in the indulgence that is the rich and delicious foods from your favorite take-out place!

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