Hot Tea Month

Hot Tea Month - January 2025

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A warm, steaming cup of tea is welcome at any time of day, especially in the cold winter months. Whether as an alternative to coffee with the rich tradition of Irish Breakfast tea, or as a quiet cap to the end of the day, settling your nerves with Chamomile and Lavender, tea is amazing. You can drink it like the American’s do, with lemon and sugar, or perhaps a bit of honey, or you can mix in milk or creamer for a fully European experience. However you do it, Hot Tea Month is a great time to reembrace this delicious beverage that can warm your heart and body.

History of Hot Tea Month

Tea has been being drunk for thousands of years, originating from deep within the country of China. From there it grew in prominence until it was one of the most important beverages in the world, rivaling coffee as the drink of choice for mornings, and for those who needed a pick-me-up. Tea has been seen as a mark of sophistication, and has practically redefined British culture, having become completely inseparable from what it means to be British.

Tea isn’t just a warm and delicious beverage, it can also be used medicinally. There are thousands of herbal teas out there, and each of them can be used to help fortify the body, and even help you heal and fight infection. One of the most common uses is to help soothe nerves as night time rolls in with a cup of mint and chamomile tea.

Tea has also been having important studies going on with it, with three glasses of green tea being shown to actually enhance the amount of calories that are burned in 24 hours. Imagine being able to help yourself burn away unwanted fat and combat obesity just by enjoying something you already love. Oh Tea, is there anything you can’t do?

How to celebrate Hot Tea Month

Celebrating Hot Team Month is as simple as brewing up a cup of your favorite tea, and sitting back and relaxing as you sip it down. There is a whole world of teas out there, literally thousands of varieties that are picked at different stages of the Tea bushes growth cycle, and then are mixed or aged carefully to bring about a unique and desirable flavor and aroma.

Hot Tea Month is a great opportunity for you to try cutting back on coffee, and instead use a hot cup of tea to get yourself going in the morning! Happy Hot Tea Month!

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