Lollipop Day

Lollipop Day - Sunday, July 20, 2025

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Lollipops, a sweet concoction of sugar and flavoring, has existed since the times of Ancient Egypt. Lollipops, although not called that at the time, have been used not only as a sweet dessert but also as a way to distribute medicine to kids.

Nowadays, people enjoy lollipops whenever they have a sweet tooth coming on, so why not make a holiday about it! Lollipop Day celebrates the invention of the lollipop, how it brightens every childhood and makes everyone happy! 

Learn about Lollipop Day

There is no denying that children of all ages will be enjoying Lollipop Day. it does not matter whether you’re still in school or you are simply a child at heart, you can relive your childhood memories by enjoying a lollipop! These treats are known as many different names all over the world. A lot of people simply call them lollies.

In the Midwest of America, they are known as suckers! No matter what you call them, there is no denying that these sweet treats, which are made from corn syrup, water, and flavored sucrose, which is then hardened on a stick, taste incredible! You can get so many different flavors to choose from as well, with fruit flavors being the most popular. Coca-Cola lollipops have also become a big hit.

No matter your preferred flavor, Lollipop Day is all about celebrating this tasty sweet and enjoying as many lollipops you want without feeling guilty about it. Lollipop Day is also about those memories that you have shared with people you love over the years.

After all, sweets like this can often remind people of special memories. Perhaps you always got a lollipop when you went to see your grandparents? Of course, for a lot of people, lollipops will remind them of going to the dentist or doing something brave as a child, as a lollipop and a sticker would often be the reward at the end. 

History of Lollipop Day

The art of boiling sugar into candy has been around for ages, as it has been flavored, colored, and shaped according to the preferences of its time. The term lollipop didn’t occur until the late 18th century, as it referred to sweets, specifically, “something that one popped into one’s mouth”  rather than what people associate today as a ball of flavored sugar on a stick. Putting a stick into hard candy didn’t occur until the 20th century when modern machinery was taking fold.

The first instances of the creation were thought of by a confectioner named George Smith. In 1892, he created lollipops and sold them to the public, although he did not call it a lollipop. Around the same time, the McAviney Candy Company stumbled upon the idea as well and began mass-producing lollipops in 1905. 

It wasn’t until 1932 that the Bradley Smith Company patented the name “lollipop” for their candy on a stick. By the time the company began producing these sweets, the Great Depression hit, which quickly decreased the lollipop’s popularity. However, the lollipop amazingly still remained alive, and since then, people still buy lollipops to this day.

These candied sweets are the symbol of childhood, as they are easy to create, can contain a wide variety of flavors, and can be filled with fillings such as tootsie rolls and bubble gum. This sweet confection satisfies everyone’s sweet tooth, and each year, people observe this treat by purchasing and enjoying a lollipop! 

How to Celebrate Lollipop Day 

Celebrate Lollipop Day by popping a lollipop in your mouth! Purchase a bag full of lollipops from your local supermarket, grocery store, or vintage candy shop!

If you’re on vacation, head on over to a fairground or boardwalk and get the biggest, most colorful lollipop you can find. Learn about the history of lollipops and tell everyone about it.

Try your hand at making your own lollipops! Add whatever flavors you want and make sweet perfection, and when you’re done, share this holiday with friends and host a lollipop party!

A lot of people have also used Lollipop Day and tied it in with another cause that means a lot to them. For example, in Ireland, Lollipop Day holds great significance because it is used to try and help raise money and awareness around oesophageal cancer.

Lollipops are sold and the proceeds go to this incredible cause. This is something you could do yourself. If there is something that you are passionate about, you can sell lollipops on this date and you can give the profits to a charity that means a lot to you. 

You can also put a smile on people’s faces by purchasing lollipops for all of your friends and family members. After all, lollipops don’t cost a lot, and this is an easy way to put a smile on someone’s face and let them know that you are thinking about them! 

You can also spend your day doing a bit of research online about lollipops and the different types and flavors that have been created over the years. For example, in the United States, the Sugar Daddy is the most popular and oldest type of milk caramel lollipop. You also have lollipops that have bubblegum in the center as well.

Plus, there are lots of different types of lollipops in different cultures and countries, so digging into this can become very interesting. Some people also use lollipops with edible flowers in the center as wedding favors. There truly have been some incredible lollipop creations over the years!

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