Moscato Day

Moscato Day - Thursday, May 9, 2024

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Wines have always been a popular drink for thousands of years. One special drink is Moscato, made with a kind of grape that used since the Rennaissance times of Italy.

Italian wines have always had a reputation for their variety. Those made from the Moscato grape have a uniqueness that can be identified by people everywhere.  

Their sparkling, rich and yet so light flavor that is popular as a party drink. Moscato Day aims to celebrate the history and taste of this delicate wine.

History of Moscato Day

The viticulture of wine has been known to be around as long as the grapevine.  The vine is native to the area south of the Black Sea near the disputed territories of Georgia and Armenia. Wine-making is most believed to have originated in Mesopotamia as early as 3000 BC and helped influence Egypt before dynastic times.

Wine production in Italy is believed to have originated from the influence of the Etruscans civilization that lived in today’s Tuscany. It’s also likely to have influenced by the Mesopotamian civilizations before the Greeks brought winemaking to Sicily.

The Romans improved the winemaking process, and thus became famous for their abilities. Even as wine grew and fell in popularity, it continued to be produced by Christian monks during the Renaissance.

It wasn’t until the 19th and 20th centuries that wine production became regulated. Today, Italian wine is considered highly prized for its process and flavor.

Moscato is made from the Moscato Blanco grape, one of the oldest grapes in Italy. Moscato is popular for its variety of flavors, such as light and dry, sweet and sparkling or the rich dessert wine.

As the third most popular wine in the United States, Moscato has become a popular party drink. It has variations such as white, red, and rose to compliment all kinds of delicious foods. So, grab a glass and drink away!

How to Celebrate Moscato Day

Some of the best ways to celebrate Moscato Day is to throw a wine-tasting party! Serve all kinds of Moscato from all kinds of vineyards. Serve some complimentary food with your Moscato, such as fancy cheeses and spicy paellas.

If you have a favorite vineyard company, research their history and learn how they fermented their delicious grapes into Moscato. Share your love of Moscato with friends and family and celebrate the delicious wine that is Moscato.

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