Nutty Fudge Day

Nutty Fudge Day - Sunday, May 12, 2024

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Nutty Fudge Day is a fun holiday dedicated to the creation and celebration of fudge! Whether you prefer chocolate, vanilla, or a more exotic flavor, fudge is a beloved treat that many people enjoy!

Ah, the dear celebration of Nutty Fudge Day is never quite complete without a stop at the nearest tourist town. That is, after all, the best place for fudge. Don’t think it’s true? Go ahead, just try to think of a traditional tourist town that doesn’t have huge signs tempting you with all things fudge related. Vacationers are likely to luxuriate in some delectable treats, and what better way to feel indulgent than with a bite into that ooey-gooey chocolatey-ness with just a bit of crunch.  

During Nutty Fudge Day, people learn about the history of fudge, attempt to create their own fudge, and eat it with friends and family. On days whether you have nothing to do, this is your opportunity to try your hand at a tasty treat that you’ll be sure to not regret.

History of Nutty Fudge Day

Fudge has seemed to have a fuzzy history in regards to who made is and why it is called fudge. The word fudge means to put together clumsily or dishonestly, and the term dates back to the late 1700s. The term may have originally derived from the word “fadge”, which means to make suitable or fit, a term used since the late 1500s.

However, fudge itself has only been known to have been around since the late 1800s. One of the earliest records of fudge dates back to a letter written in 1886 by Emelyn Battersby Hartridge. Other stories consist of the invention of fudge being an accident. The story goes there was a college lecture in Virginia attempting to teach students about creating toffee, but instead, it resulted in fudge.

Another story also revolves around the idea that fudge was an accident, happening when a baker attempted to make caramel but instead made fudge. The invention of fudge may have been an accident but the subsequent eating of it certainly isn’t!

By definition, fudge is a type of confectionery made by mixing sugar, butter, milk, and any flavor desired and then boiled together to create the concoction. In Europe, fudge is usually made just from sugar, cream, and butter while American-style fudge also contains chocolate. Early recipes of fudge were passed around and were similar to chocolate caramel fixtures.

Nutty Fudge Facts

The largest fudge ever produced was a monster of over 2 tons, coming in at exactly 5,760 pounds, and constructed in Ontario, Canda. Now, if nuts had been added, the nutty fudge could have toppled over into 3 tons of sweet treats. It took over a week to construct and used over 300 gallons of condensed milk.

While it may have taken a bit longer to put together than your average kitchen-created fudge, that’s perfectly fine since fudge is known to last quite a long time. Stored at room temperature, traditional fudge can be kept for 1 to 2 weeks in an airtight container. For even longer-lasting fudge, it can be kept in a refrigerator for two to three weeks, and in the freezer for several months without losing its delicious taste or texture. Just make sure to thaw it before nibbling in. 

This divine dessert can be made with any flavors and any additives, including nuts. Pecans and walnuts are considered the most popular nuts to put in fudge. Nutty Fudge Day dedicates the whole day towards eating nutty fudge and exploring all the tasty varieties in recipes.

How to Celebrate Nutty Fudge Day

Looking to celebrate Nutty Fudge Day? Try your hand at making your own fudge! There are various recipes online that provide easy-to-follow instructions on how it’s made. After making this amazing chocolate treat, just add your favorite kind of nut and enjoy!

While pecans and walnuts might be considered the most popular for nutty fudge, the confectionary concoction doesn’t have to be limited there!  Feeling extra nutty? Add a whole mix of nuts! While the peanut is literally a legume, let it slide in your nutty fudge as peanut butter for a tantalizing treat. 

If you’re curious to try your hand at nutty fudge concoction, don’t be shy. In fact, what if you added something a little unexpected? Now, fudge might come in a variety of beiges and browns, but have you ever considered how delicious it could be with, hear me out, a tiny touch of sea salt? That delicious milk chocolate smoothness, that crunch of almond, and then, what could that delectable savory surprise be but a pinch of salt? Ah, what a melody in your mouth! 

Tips to making nutty fudge

Fudge is commonly known as a compatriot to fondant. It simply is cooked a bit longer, but before it gets to crystalization, which creates a fairly inedible crunchy grain crumbly concoction. A candy thermometer is essential when making fudge since it needs to be heated to between 237 and 239 °F. Now that’s a precise temperature! Cooked cooler, and fondant occurs. Hotter, and sugar crystallization occurs.  

When beating fudge, it’s ideal to let it cool slightly first. A wooden spoon should be used to beat that warm chocolate goodness, right up until the glossy sheen turns matte and opaque. Nuts should join the mixture only right as the confection loses its glossy reflection. Adding nuts doesn’t come until right before the fudge is poured out to be cooled and then cut. 

Make a bunch for friends and family and host a fudge party! Share this holiday with your friends through social media and help them learn about the unique history of nutty fudge.

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