Pistachio Day

Pistachio Day - Wednesday, February 26, 2025

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Pistachio Day celebrates the popular nut, which are native to the Middle East. The largest producer of pistachio nuts today is Iran but they are also grown in other areas, including California and Mediterranean Europe.

The Chinese are the greatest consumers of the nut. It is thought that pistachio nuts have been eaten by humans for at least 9000 years. Legend even has it that the Queen of Sheba restricted the eating of pistachios to the royal court and forbade commoners to grow them!

Pistachios are not just eaten as a snack – they are also used in cooking, while their sweet flavour sometimes finds them used in desserts, such as Lebanese dish baklava. You can sometimes find pistachio ice cream alongside more common flavours such as chocolate or strawberry.

Studies have even suggested that eating moderate amounts of pistachios can help keep your heart healthy!

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