National Humor Month

National Humor Month - April 2025

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April is National Humor Month! Did you know that laughter is the best medicine? Just goes to show you can’t go wrong with celebrating – humor is one of the most essential qualities to human life. Larry Wilde, an author and humorist, started National Humor Month in April 1976. He created this day with the idea to bring public awareness of the therapeutic value of humor.

History of National Humor Month

Larry Wilde created National Humor Month in 1976 to show people how humor is a useful tool to improve our ways of life. He stated, “The idea of laughing and the use of humor as a tool to lift ailing spirits is growing. Scientific research now indicates that the curative power of laughter and its ability to relieve debilitating stress and burnout may indeed be one of the great medical discoveries of our times.” Through laughing, we’re reducing our stress and pain levels, strengthening our immune systems, and recharging our bodies.

Humor plays an important role in our overall health. Due to scientific research, it is proven that humor is a useful tool that heals us emotionally and physically. Laughter is part of human behavior regulated by the brain. It is an expression of happiness and inner joy. In social interactions, it’s a sign of acceptance and positive interactions with others. It is contagious and oftentimes, the laughter of one person provokes the laughter of another. Humor is a useful way to relieve stress.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine?” As human beings, we love to laugh because it brings happiness and joy into our lives (the average adult laughs 17 times a day). The more we’re able to laugh at ourselves, the more we’re able to share those moments with our friends and family. The industries built around laughter such as jokes, sitcoms, and comedians are all designed to make us laugh because it makes us feel good. It has a positive effect on our bodies; it relaxes our muscles as well as increases our blood flow and boosts our heart rate.

National Humor Month timeline


Present Impact

World Laughter Day celebrations are organized by Certified Laughter Leaders in a variety of cities throughout America.


Comedy Tour

The World Laughter Tour launched on May 27, 1999 in Columbus, Ohio. It was created by founder Steve Wilson.

April 1976

National Humor Month Beginning

Larry Wilde starts the tradition of celebrating humor.


The beginning of SNL

The first season of Saturday Night Live aired on October 11, 1975.

National Humor Month FAQs

When is National Humor Month?

National Humor Month occurs every year in April, beginning with April Fool’s Day.

Why is humor so important?

Who doesn’t like to laugh? Without laughter, life wouldn’t be fun! Humor embraces positive emotions such as happiness and joy.

How does humor impact society?

Humor is everywhere. We communicate through humor and we utilize it as a tool to connect with others. The more humor you have in your life, the better!

5 Facts About National Humor Month

  1. Same month as April Fools’s Day

    It’s no coincidence that the month begins with April Fool’s Day.

  2. Larry Wildes’ roles

    Larry Wilde was not only the creator of National Humor Month, but he was the Director of the Carmel Institute of Humor as well.

  3. Holiday Anniversary

    This year makes the 44th anniversary of National Humor Month

  4. NHM Director

    The current director of National Humor Month is Steve Wilde, founder of World Laughter Tour

  5. Same month as Stress Awareness Month

    Stress Awareness Month coincides with National Humor Month because it focuses on the importance of reducing as much stress as we can in our lives

National Humor Month Activities

  1. Surround yourself with funny people

    Go out and spend time with your friends — reminisce about things that make each of you laugh until it hurts.

  2. Tell daily jokes

    Take a moment each day of National Humor Month to act silly or share a funny joke with a friend.

  3. Social Media

    Use the hashtag #NationalHumorMonth online to share silly jokes with friends and family.

Why We Love National Humor Month

  1. It makes us feel good

    Laughter is the key to our souls! It makes us happy and brings us together.

  2. It’s healthy

    Not only does humor make us feel good, but laughing is actually good for our brains and it reduces stress levels.

  3. It’s a good personality trait

    Most people are drawn to others with a sense of humor. National Humor Month is a good time to make connections and meet new people.

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