Wear Pajamas to Work Day

Wear Pajamas to Work Day - Wednesday, April 16, 2025

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Timed appropriately for the day after Tax Day, Wear Pajamas to Work Day on April 16 helps us relieve some financial stress. We’re not sure who made Wear Pajamas to Work Day a thing, but it’s becoming nationally and virally popular. Even celebrities have been spotted rocking sleepwear while out and about.

We always recommend checking with the boss first — unless of course, you’re lucky enough to work from home. Get cozy and comfortable in your office chair while dreaming about cashing your tax refund check (that is, if you’re among those actually receiving one). 

Wear Pajamas to Work Day timeline


Posh pajamas

In an era of more informal dress, designers like Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani brought pajama-style clothing outside of the bedroom and into daytime and evening wear.


Safety factor

Federal rules required children's sleepwear up to size 14 to meet a minimal flammability standard.



Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel made beach pajamas popular. By the end of the decade, many women wore these outfits on their summer beach vacations.


Pajamas went mainstream

French couturier Paul Poiret was one of the first people to create pajama outfits intended for a use beyond sleeping, which was a step on their path toward widespread acceptance.


Pajama glamour

Masquerade ball attendees, actresses, as well as “ladies of the evening” began incorporating pajama trousers into their wardrobe, while but more “respectable” women continued to look down on such fashion.

Wear Pajamas to Work Day Activities

  1. Make a fashion statement

    Just because it's sleepwear doesn't mean it can't be fashion forward. Shop in advance for a hip sleepwear-inspired look.

  2. Make sure everyone "gets the memo"

    You don't want to be the only one.

  3. Have a pajama party

    Milk and cookies for lunch? Try to keep this theme going throughout the day — or at least until the boss gets annoyed.

Why We Love Wear Pajamas to Work Day

  1. Extra sleep

    This is the one day a year where "I woke up like this" is deemed socially and professionally acceptable. Business attire not required means you might save a few valuable minutes of sleep in the morning.

  2. Fashion test

    As Heidi Klum likes to say, "In fashion, one day you're in — and the next, you're out." Let's see who in your office can throw a nice pajama outfit together.

  3. A reason to shop

    Cute pajamas aren't just for kids. April 16 is the perfect excuse to splurge on a cute, cozy onesie or a sleek, silk sleep suit.

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