Garden Month

Garden Month - April 2024

Gardening Hobbies & Activities

Spring is coming on strong, and by the calendar is technically already here. If you haven’t already begun looking at planting this year’s garden it’s time to get a move on. The changing weather promises good growing seasons to come, and Garden Month encourages you to get out and start preparing your ground! If you can’t find the motivation, then let the smell and taste of freshly grown tomatoes tempt you, or the sweet taste you can’t get from anything from home grown cucumbers, and strawberries. Garden Month is your chance to get out and start preparing the ground!

History of Garden Month

Gardens have played an important role in the history of human culture, from sources of food to locations for leisure and entertainment. They’ve even been used to produce natural medicinals for the home. The word garden traces its roots to Middle English, French, and German languages, with the word specifically meaning a small enclosed piece of land next to a building in the UK.

There are multiple types of garden, all dependent on the primary purpose and content of the garden. For instance, in arid regions you may have Cactus Gardens, or you may aim for a particular style of aesthetic, such as a Bonsai garden or a Dutch Garden rife with Tulips and an eye to efficiency and a density of foliage. Garden’s have also been used to create new habitats and resting places for bees, butterfly’s, and seasonal birds, making them both beautiful and able to aid these creatures whose natural habitats may be diminishing.

While most home gardens are incredibly Informal and relaxed, there’s also far more formal gardens that adhere tightly to a given style. French Formal and Italian Renaissance gardens adhere to a particular style, and Knot Gardens are extremely formal with specific guidelines that govern their designs. Garden Month is a great time to research gardens and learn more about them.

How To celebrate Garden Month

Like we mentioned above, you can start celebrating Garden Month by studying all the different types of gardens in the world.

If you find yourself intrigued or inspired, you could even go on to making one of your own. Gardens don’t have to be large, so even if you live on a small plot in the city with a mere sliver of a yard, you could still have your own. Don’t even have that much space? It’s time to invest in a selection of pots and make your own potted garden on your windowsills! Gardens can be anywhere, and anyone can garden!

Garden Month is for all of you, new gardeners and old hands alike, to embrace your love of gardening.

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