Call Your Doctor Day

Call Your Doctor Day - Sunday, June 9, 2024

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If you have ever wondered about your family’s history of cancer, then it’s important to check with your doctor about those risks. If you a woman, the risk of breast and ovarian cancer can increase. Thus, gynecologists are a vital profession and help women everywhere understand their body and educate women on what’s normal and what isn’t normal.

Call Your Doctor Day is all about the preventative measures you can make to reduce those risks and possibly prevent cancer from ever coming into your life. So where did this holiday come from? Let’s find out and learn about Call Your Doctor Day!

History of Call Your Doctor Day

Call Your Doctor Day is a national holiday founded by Bright Pink, a non-profit organization aimed at helping women live healthier lives to avoid breast and ovarian cancer. The company targets 52 million women in educating them about practicing prevention by reaching out to women and health care providers, allowing them to have more proactive conversations with each other about health and active lifestyles. The company was founded by Lindsay Avner, who back in 2007 was the youngest woman to undergo a risk-reduction double mastectomy.

The risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer was high, so although she took proactive measures at the time, there were not many resources out there to help her. So, she founded Bright Pink as a way to help women find those resources, and thus the holiday became an additional way to help encourage women to call their gynecologists.

The holiday began in 2016 to convince women to take their Well-Woman exam and since then, the National Day Calendar registrar recognized this and an official holiday. Bright Pink helps break down the exam process and helps assess the risk of having breast or ovarian cancer in your lifetime.

How to celebrate Call Your Doctor Day

The best way to celebrate this holiday is to schedule an appointment with your gynecologists at the OB-GYN for a yearly checkup. If you do not have a gynecologist, then contact your health insurance company and request a list of doctors you can go to can be covered by your insurance.

You can also spread the awareness of breast and ovarian cancer on social media using the hashtag #CallYourDoctorDay and talk to people about your experiences with cancer in your life. By making the appointment, you’ll be able to reduce those risks and have a healthier life as a result and be safely assured.

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