Fishing Month

Fishing Month - August 2024

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If you don’t know how to fish, then this is your big chance to do so because this month is Fishing Month! Fishing is a great activity to do for people of all ages, as it practically has been around since the beginning of humanity itself.

Throughout Fishing Month, people go out to their local parks and recreation centers and fish to their heart’s content, learning from coaches how to cast the lines and catch the biggest fish they can find. 

History of Fishing Month

Fishing has been around as far as humanity, as fish are a staple part of people’s diets and have influenced cultures going back thousands of years.

As fishing turned from a necessity into a commodity, fly fishing had become a popular sport and leisure activity from the 19th century onward. Inventions such as the Nottingham reel, fiberglass rods, and synthetic bait has made fishing an easier and more accessible activity for many to do.

Fishing competitions can now be seen everywhere on TV, and whenever there’s a local park with a lake or river near it, it’s now easy enough for anyone to buy a fishing pole and go out fishing to see what’s the catch of the day.

Fishing, both a common necessity, a sport, and a recreational activity, bring people of all ages fun as well as tasty fish. Fishing Month, inspired by fishing enthusiasts alike, is a month when people come together to learn about fishing, practices their reeling-in skills, and make the most fun out of this activity.

Throughout the month, coaches help new fishers learn the techniques of fishing, such as preparing the line, hooking the bait, and seeing where the best fishing spots are in the area and how to spot them.

In some places, the fees for fishing are waivered, allowing people of all ages to try out fishing for themselves. Hundreds of localized events happen all over the world as people come together to celebrate fishing and teach each other the craft. 

How to Celebrate Fishing Month 

Want to learn how to fish? Take a fishing class and learn from a taught coach about the wonders of fishing. Don’t have the equipment to fish?

Head on over to a Dick’s Sporting Goods or your local sports shop and purchase your own set of fishing gear. You can also rent gear if you head on over to a national park that has fishing as an activity.

Tell your friends and family about the month ahead and plan for a fishing trip. Invite your friends out to fish with you and see what kind of local fish you can reel up. 

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