Hug A Bear Day

Hug A Bear Day - Thursday, November 7, 2024

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Hug a Bear day isn’t about the big fuzzy beasts that roam the forests munching on nuts and berries, and once a year or so busting out the fishing skills to scoop up salmon from the teeming rivers. Hugging one of those could in fact lead to a very bad day. They are instead about our favorite fuzzy knights of Yore.

They’re big and fuzzy and warm, they watch over us at night and keep the monsters in the closet and under the bed at bay. They’re often the first gift we’re ever given, and many of us carry them forward into our adult lives as ‘memoirs’ of our past. But we all know the real reason we still have them is our lives seem a little better, and a little saner, with our childhood protectors still working for us.

History of Hug a Bear Day

The history of stuffed animals goes back a long ways, some archaeological evidence suggests as far as Ancient Egypt. What is known for certain is that plush toys as we know them first started hitting the scene in the 1830’s, but the most iconic of all of them, the Teddy Bear, came about in 1902. Story goes that American President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt was hunting, and refused to shoot a baby bear they came across.

Since that day the Teddy Bear has stood as the childhood toy that is given to almost every child. The term “Teddy” was even derived from the name of this self-same president. There are now millions of Teddy Bears produced every year, in a rainbow of styles and colors. No matter what your imagination may produce, there is sure to be a Teddy Bear that meets your idea of the perfect fuzzy protector.

How to Celebrate Hug a Bear Day

Hug your bear! If you don’t have a bear, get a bear and hug it! If absolutely necessary, bearnap a friends bear and cuddle it! If you’re in the market for a brand new bear, an internet search will bring you a world of options. But the best possible option is to head out to a Build-A-Bear workshop and create your very own fuzzy defender. They have clothes and accessories that will let you bring out the very best friend your imagination can create.

You can also get together with your friends and bring out all your favorite old Teddy Bears. Admit what your favorite plush animal is and share it with those who still love theirs. Whatever you do, use Hug A Bear Day to remember your youth and the friends who accompanied you.

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