International Kite Day

International Kite Day - Tuesday, January 14, 2025

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They’re pretty, they’re colorful, and they flutter and float in the air….what could they be? Kites, of course! Who could imagine a better way to spend time than with flocks of other people, every person with his or her own beautifully decorated kite? If you’re a fan of such happy, vibrant holidays, International Kite Day is not a holiday you’d like to miss.

The History of International Kite Day

International Kite Day originated in India, in the state of Gujarat, which is famous for the amount of festivals taking place there every year. The inhabitants of Gujarat begin manufacturing the kites months in advance so they can be sure to have enough, as millions of people visit Gujarat during it. The kite festival, called Uttarayan in Hindi, celebrates the day that winter ends and summer begins, as well as the upcoming harvest season, and the kites symbolize the spirits of the gods that are awaking from their deep winter sleep.

Originally, kite-flying was a sport practiced by royalty and the very wealthy, but in the recent years it has become a festival for all that people come from all over the country and even the world to take part in, especially people from Japan, Italy, the UK, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, the USA, Malaysia, Singapore, France, and China.

How to celebrate International Kite Day

If you are a person who enjoys travelling and has the opportunity to be in Gujarat for the actual festival on January 14th, actually participating in would be the best way to celebrate International Kite Day. It is guaranteed to be an absolutely incredible experience you will remember for the rest of your life, what with the thousands, or even millions of colorful kites that will be floating above the area, the enormous amounts of delicious, traditional Indian dishes available at all hours of the day and night, and the amount of new people you could meet and friends you could make.

Aside from the numerous food stalls and of course the kites, there are also many performers putting on acrobatic shows, so not a moment goes by that something exciting doesn’t happen. The celebration starts at 5 a.m. and goes on all day and all evening, until late at night, when illuminated kites filled with lights and candles known as tukkals are launched, creating an unforgettable spectacle in the dark sky.

If you aren’t able to be in Gujarat for International Kite Day, however, that does not mean you cannot enjoy it in your own way. A great way to do this would be to simply purchase a kite and take it to a nearby park to fly it. There is something about a breezy day spent with a kite in hand that is incredibly relaxing, so you will be able to enjoy your day anyway.

In fact, if you have a child/children, perhaps this would be a great day to spend some quality time together? All too often these days parents and children rarely even speak to each other anymore, so preoccupied are both sides with their technological gadgets. A small picnic and an afternoon spent outdoors may well be just what you and you son or daughter need to have a talk and laugh together and feel close to each other.

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