Let It Go Day

Let It Go Day - Sunday, June 23, 2024

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You know those nagging regrets and grudges that tug at your soul weeks, months or even years after the people, jobs or situations which once made them important ceased to be part of your life? Yes, there was a time when you felt you had to take every opportunity to demonstrate to your ex, you former workmates or classmates how well you were doing without them but isn’t it finally time to move on and let go of the negative emotion pulling you down. That is exactly what Let It Go Day is all about; a national day when you know you are not in taking the brave step to cast away all those hang-ups from a previous chapter in your life.

History of Let It Go Day

Let It Go Day is another one of the bevy of holidays created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays & Herbs. They knew the difficulty of living with a pocketful of regrets that haunts you during every quiet hour, and knew that letting them go was the only way to find peace and contentment in their lives. So it was that Let It Go Day was created, with the intent of encouraging others throughout the world to let go of their regrets and forgive themselves for actions taken in the past.

Regrets aid no one, they weigh on our consciences and leave us with a deficit of joy, often when those we’ve wronged have long since forgotten them. Even if they haven’t, we need to forgive ourselves so we can move forward without guilt or bitterness, and endeavor to live a better life henceforth.

How To celebrate Let It Go Day

Let It Go Day is the perfect occasion to stop wasting your energy on negative feelings from the past and instead focus on building yourself a positive future. Write down a list of the things that you regret, and spend some time letting them go, just relaxing and letting your guilt and fear vanish from your life. One of the best ways of doing this is throwing them into a fire and letting the smoke and embers carry your worries to the sky and wind, where they’ll be erased.

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