Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day - Wednesday, March 26, 2025

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As you’ve probably noticed there seems to be a holiday for just about everything, from the culturally important ones like Christmas and Hannukah to the purely secular and silly like Office Supply Day.  

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can make your own holiday then the answer is an unequivocal YES, and Make Up Your Own Holiday Day was the holiday created to encourage people to do so! (See, we told you there was a holiday for just about everything).

History of Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Unsurprisingly the origin of Make Up Your Own Holiday Day can be traced to Wellcat and its founders Ruth and Thomas Roy. These amazing people have created more than seventy holidays of their own, all of which have been posted on their website and are included in Chase’s Calendar of Events published by McGraw-Hill.  

After creating so many holidays of their own and sharing so much joy with the world it is perhaps unsurprising that they decided it was time to invite others to join in the fun!

While many holidays have their roots in religious and culturally important events, it’s certain that at some point they got their start because someone decided to start celebrating something.  

That celebration was shared with others, who in turn shared it with others, and an entire tradition was started simply because someone was looking for an excuse to have a little fun. Make Up Your Own Holiday Day invites everyone to share their excitement about their favorite things with others.

Holidays can be created to celebrate movies, foods, arts and crafts, medical conditions and much more, and can serve as an opportunity to raise awareness, generate funds for charity, and generally bring people together about your favorite topic.

How to Celebrate Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

It all starts with deciding what you want your holiday to be about, and that’s something you can do as an individual or as part of a group.  Is there something that’s important to you or a group of people you’re a part of that doesn’t get enough recognition and you think it’s high time it had a holiday?

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day is your chance to start making other people aware of this important cause. Don’t let that thing that’s important to you continue to live in obscurity, create a holiday of your very own and start giving it the attention it deserves!

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