Ship in A Bottle Day

Ship in A Bottle Day - Friday, October 4, 2024

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If you have ever admired the craftsmanship and beauty of a traditional ship in a bottle, you will be pleased to hear that this clever piece of art has its own annual day. Ship in a Bottle Day celebrates the centuries-old skill of creating a miniature, fully-rigged ship that sits magically inside a glass bottle. The secret lies in assembling the ship with the masts and sails hinged and lying flat so that it will fit through the neck of the bottle and once it is inside, gently pulling on strings to bring the pieces of the model ship upright until it fits inside the bottle. Sailors originally made these ships to pass the time on long voyages and today, many people around the world still practice the skilled art. Ship in a Bottle Day is held on the birthday of Jack Hinkley, the founder of the Ship in Bottle Association of America.

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