Talk In An Elevator Day

Talk In An Elevator Day - Wednesday, July 31, 2024

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We all know about that awkward silence, the one that ensues when you’re suddenly in a small room with 5-10 other people you don’t know. Politeness seems to indicate that the people around you are sworn to silence, that perhaps it’s rude to break the sacred silence that is the lift ride.

Talk In An Elevator Day tells us to break that silence, and maybe make a new friend or business acquaintance on the lift. Who knows what can come of just speaking up and introducing yourself?

History of Talk In An Elevator Day

The Elevator has a long history, the first that there is record of being devices in 236BC. The majority of these were powered by hand, or by trained animals who could manage the burden.

The eElevator really came into its own during the Industrial era, when transportation of coal and lumber and other raw materials were necessary, and these designs were the predecessors of the elevator of today.

Every year Elevators get more and more sophisticated, with greater safety measures in place to prevent tragedy. But through it all, one thing has remained the same, when strangers get on an elevator together, they rarely speak.

Sometime in recent years the concept of an Elevator Speech was developed for those seeking to expand their contacts in the elevator. It describes a concise ‘commercial’ about who you are or what you do, and can only last 25-30 seconds, that’s just under 90 words!

Not a whole lot of time to say anything that matters. Whether you’re trying to create new business contacts or just make new friends, there are a few things to keep in mind. Keep your comments short and meaningful, smile at your counterpart, and asking questions are always a great way to stimulate conversation.

How to celebrate Talk In An Elevator Day

Celebrate it by getting over the old taboo of talking in an Elevator. You never know who you’re going to meet, and it may be the only chance you get to meet that cute guy or girl from the 3rd Floor that you see every day.

Whether your interest is romantic or purely business, you still have to take a chance to get your foot in that door before you have any opportunity of finding out what the possibilities are. Talk In An Elevator Day has been responsible for new relationships, business and otherwise, for ages! Carry on the Tradition!

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