Walk On Your Wild Side Day

Walk On Your Wild Side Day - Friday, April 12, 2024

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The world often tells us that we need to live according to some form of social contract, that the rules are there to keep everyone safe, and that any variance from the norm is deviance. Throughout the entirety of history, it has been those that rode high on the wave of innovation, uniqueness, and creativity that have left the most lasting legacies. Walk On Your Wild Side Day is a call to your inner champion, the part of you that sees the world as no one else can. Who will you be on Walk On Your Wild Side Day? And who will you be the day after?

History Of Walk On Your Wild Side Day

History is full of those who have utterly changed the world by refusing to be constrained by ‘should be’s’ and ‘nice girls don’t’. Instead, they have turned their eyes to the sun and gathered their most creative and inspired souls and charged into the world, only to leave it completely changed in their wake.

Thomas and Ruth Roy are credited with being the creators of this celebration, the couple who are in charge of Wellcat.com. It was created in recognition that ‘what other people will think’ is the stupidest reason not to do something, and rather denotes a lack of courage.

You only have one life to live, and even if you believe in reincarnation there is absolutely no reason not to live each and every one of your lives to their absolute fullest. Your dreams are something worth pursuing, your ideas worth discussing, you never know what crazy idea you have is going to change your life or the world.

Walk On Your Wild Side Day is also a chance to change the life of someone else. By living your life out loud, unafraid of the opinions of others, you may inspire someone who was feeling lost and encourage them to join you on your campaign of uniqueness.

How to celebrate Walk On Your Wild Side Day

Celebrating Walk On Your Wild Side Day is as simple as letting your freak flag fly. Maybe you want to dress in garish colors or wear outfits that are decidedly outside the norm. Are you a medieval reenactor or a Steampunk fan? Splash up the world by wearing your outfits. Do you hold unconventional opinions? Don’t hold them in reserve today, tell people what you think! Even if it’s just on Walk On Your Wild Side Day, you should do something to venerate it that scares you to death.

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