Write a Business Plan Month

Write a Business Plan Month - December 2024

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Every business, new or old, needs a business plan to see them through. So many businesses fail because they never took the time and effort to compose a proper business plan, leaving them with a lack of knowing where they were going or what the next step was in growing their business successfully.

The reasons for having a business plan are legion, they help you organize your managers and let them know how they can best help the company progress towards its ultimate ends.

It helps with the decisions to hire, or not to hire, new people into your business structure, as well as determining the needs for new assets, whether to buy, whether to lease. What aspects of business to get into, which ones to avoid, and how to broker deals with other professionals for mutual benefit. These and a million other little decisions are best made when you know your plan for the future.

History of Write a Business Plan Month

Write a Business Plan Month was established to help businesses from large to small maintain steady and organized growth. Regardless of your overall ambitions as a company, you’re going to need a business plan to get ahead. So many businesses were going on, year after year, without a clearly defined business plan, and few of them realize how much it’s impacting their business. Business plans will ensure you know how to proceed, and will help you have a reference point when tragedy strikes, or keep you on track when it comes time to make decisions.

How to celebrate Write a Business Plan Month

The best way to celebrate “Write a Business Plan” month is right there on the tin. Write your business plan! There are hundreds of places online you can find a basic business plan model to start you on your way. Many new business owners find the writing of a business plan somewhat threatening, they come with a bunch of questions you may not have figured out at this stage. Be honest about this, the business plan is more for yourself than for others, and not knowing quite what the future holds can be included in the verbiage of your business plan.

Write a Business Plan Month will also let you get a jump on all those who make it part of their New Year’s Resolution to have one. Don’t wait until the year starts to start prepping for the great year your business has ahead.

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