Housekeepers Week

Housekeepers Week - September 8-14, 2024

Not many people think about housekeepers when they enter a hotel or casino. However, housekeeping as a job can be a lot of work with little to no reward. Because most don’t realize the hard work involved in housekeeping, that’s why Housekeepers Week exists to give people the opportunity to thank housekeepers for their efforts in keeping everything tidy and safe for people to be in. Read more to learn about the history of Housekeeping Week and how you can celebrate it.

History of Housekeepers Week

Housekeepers Week is about showing appreciation of housekeepers for their hard work. Since 1981, the IHEA, or the Integrated Environment and Health Assessment, officially sponsors the holiday and since then, it has spread globally as a week-long celebration for those who work in housekeeping. Any building operation such as hotels, restaurants, casinos, and other official buildings all function under the long hours and efforts of housekeeping. If housekeepers did not exist, diseases would spread and productivity would decline. However, in everyday life, housekeeping is a job that isn’t appreciated as much as it should because of the grittiness of the job, the lack of pay, and the lack of glamour attached to it.

Housekeeping as a profession can be appreciated because of the hard work each person in that profession does is important. Housekeeping week is a holiday that’s celebrated in thousands of facilities all over the world by companies and businesses that appreciate their workers and abide by national worker regulations. Companies generally celebrate it by giving their workers gifts, host an end of the week party, and overall just say thank you for the work they do each day. 

How to celebrate Housekeepers Week

If you’re looking at celebrating Housekeepers Week, start by saying thank you to a coworker that cleaning in your building. If you want to be extra kind, give them a gift and maybe take them out to dinner so you can forge new friendships and learn about their experiences. Share this week-long holiday on social media using the hashtag #housekeepersweek and let your friends know what holiday it is. Talk with your friends online about housekeeping and see what conversations pop into the open. For this holiday, it all about bringing kindness to others for their profession and making sure they are appreciated.

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