International Transgender Day of Visibility

International Transgender Day of Visibility - Monday, March 31, 2025

Transgender movements have been increasing over the past few generations because of the biases that some people would assume about the transgender community. While there are holidays commemorating transgender people who have suffered, International Transgender Day of Visibility focuses on more of the positive aspects of what being transgender means and takes direct action in changing the biases of people who don’t understand transgender. Read more to learn about this holiday and how you can celebrate it here at Days of the Year.

History of International Transgender Day of Visibility

Rachel Crandall, the head of Transgender Michigan is one of the people who asked why there isn’t a holiday that celebrates who they are? Originally, the first holiday that commemorates transgender people was Transgender Day of Remembrance, a holiday that memorializes the transgender people that the world has lost. While this holiday commemorates the transgender people who have died without any recognition or acceptance, Crandall decided that there should be a better way to celebrate the lives of transgenders and thus created the holiday back in 2009. Since then, Trans Student Educational Resource took over the social media management in 2003 and uses it as a way to educate people about transsexuality.

Hence, International Transgender Day of Visibility is all about giving transexuals the spotlight on this day and educate others about what it means to be transgender and to try and remove transphobia as a result. The Trans Student Educational Resource has education videos that detail stories about trans people and how they experience life. This day encourages people to talk about the issues facing transgender people and why it’s important to talk about those issues. It’s a day of recognition, allowing people to learn about the history of transgender people in the world and day all about building acceptance for a minority group that strives for safety, understanding, and well-being.

How to celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility 

You can celebrate this holiday anywhere and anytime. You can go onto the Trans Student Education Resource and watch educational videos and read stories about trans people. You can also attend trans clubs in your local area and bring about discussions about transphobia. You can also share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #internationaltransgenderdayofvisibility and let your friends know about this holiday and why you support it.

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