Invasive Species Awareness Week

Invasive Species Awareness Week - February 17-23, 2025

Native animals and plants can be some of the most beautiful parts of your world, but as non-native animals and plants come into the picture, some can be considered dangerous to the environment.

Invasive Species Awareness Week is about encouraging people to care for their local environments by learning about the invasive species in the area and help scientists find solutions to these ever-lasting problems.  

History of Invasive Species Awareness Week

Invasive Species Awareness Week began in 2010 by a broad coalition of groups, including Weed Science Society of America, Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences, Entomological Society of America, and the Nationa Network of Invasive Plant Centers.

These organizations and companies created briefing papers, networking events, and seminars throughout the wee of Invasive Species Awareness to inform the public about the hazards that come with invasive species.

Each year, these same companies all come together, hosting events from locally to internationally to help find potential solutions to this ever pervading problem.

According to the holiday’s main website, it is estimated that 50,000 species of plants and animals in the United States are non-native. 5,000 of those non-native plants and animals are considered to be invasive because of the ecological damages they cause to those inhabiting the environment. Invasive species also cause economic damages, threating business that thrives off of the environment.

While the number may appear to be small, the damage that invasive species can do can destroy hundreds of populations of important animals and plants that benefit the environment through mutual relationships rather than feed off of the environment parasitically. This example is why Invasive Species Awareness Week exists, so companies that benefit from the environment can take an initiative towards saving those habitats.

How to Celebrate Invasive Species Awareness Week

Attend a local event near you sponsored by Invasive Species Awareness Week so you can learn about the invasive species in your area and learn how to handle coming across that species. You can also attend college seminars that are taught by your local college professors and speakers in the environmental sciences department.

Do some research online about the invasive species in your area, learn the history of that species and see how you can contribute to your environment. Share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #InvasiveSpeciesAwarenessWeek to get your friends involved in this cause.

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