Miners’ Day

Miners’ Day - Friday, December 6, 2024

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The men and women who spend every day digging in the earth are some of the greatest unsung heroes of industry and modern civilization. They dig deep into the darkest places in the world to bring out the riches that help to sustain our lifestyles. From the steel for our cars, to the copper wiring that binds together our digital world together, everything we think of as our modern lives and comforts exist on the back of these intrepid people.

History of Miners’ Day

The history of mining reaches into prehistory, where resources such as flint were removed from the earth to produce the highest quality tools of the age. As time went on and more was understood about the nature of ores and how to process them, gold, turquoise, and malachite (the ore from which copper is derived) mines began to appear all over the world.

Better technology allowed the development of new mining techniques, and more uses for existing and newly discovered resources. Even in these ancient days, the bronze and iron brought forth from the earth was used to plow the ground, fight wars, and build grand edifices that would stand the test of time.

Miners’ Day was established to celebrate and recognize those who take part in this dangerous profession, to help our lives be comfortable and full of conveniences. Thanks to the efforts of the president of the Miners’ Day Memorial Association of West Virginia (MDMAWV) Roy Lee Cooke, National Miners’ Day was established in 2009 by the passing of a resolution by the United States Senate.

How to celebrate Miners’ Day

The simplest way to celebrate Miners’ Day is just to take a look around you and realize how many of your life’s comforts are dependent on the minerals pulled out of the earth. That fancy phone you have, that luxury automobile, even the pots and pans you cook on and the stove, all thanks to the efforts of these men and women.

To get a bit more firsthand knowledge of where it all comes from and the dangers they face, find a local mine to go and visit. There are mines all over the world that pull a variety of minerals out of the earth, and visiting them can give you a true appreciation for what they do and how perilous it can be. Stop by and thank them for their efforts, maybe bring a tray of some decent coffee to keep ‘em going. Miners’ Day is your chance to truly appreciate all the things you have.

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