Web Designer Day

Web Designer Day - Friday, May 31, 2024

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Enjoying this website? How about all those others you visit? Marvel at the broad expanse that is the internet and find yourself utterly baffled by just how all of this got here? Each and every page and site on the internet was built and designed by a web designer. Whether they were a professional hacking out every individual piece of code or a hobbyist using a pre-built site and themes, it took a human being performing actual work to bring you the wonders that spill across the information superhighway every day. Web Designer Day is set aside to honor these people from every walk of life that bring us the wonders of the internet.

History of Web Designer Day

The history of web designers is really just the history of the web and how it came to be, in much the same way that the history of a building is the history of its construction. From the moment the web began being conceived, there was someone who had to spend time designing the original website.

Ultimately, in the fullness of time, we developed multiple web browsers and dozens of video and audio protocols. Chatrooms came up and Youtube became a thing, and all of these were built by a quiet army of people who got to sit back and watch us enjoy the fruits of their labors. However, it’s rare that we ever even know their names.

We know Mark Zuckerberg designed Facebook, but now there’s an army of faceless developers that keep our favorite social media service running.

Web Designers don’t just make the pretty parts either, all the little bits and pieces that keep a site running in the background are developed by someone somewhere, and often with different specialties. So don’t let Web Designer Day go by without thanking a web designer for his efforts.

How to celebrate Web Designer Day

Web Designer Day is best celebrated by taking a moment to appreciate the wonders of the internet and just how much work went into making them available for you. If you know a Web Designer take them out to lunch and thank them for their part in the virtual world you’ve come to know and love. Most of the Web Designers we know live on caffeine, so a gourmet coffee basket, a container of mixed teas, or a case of Mountain Dew will never go remiss! Happy Web Designer’s Day!

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