Jukebox Day

Jukebox Day - Monday, November 25, 2024

Jukeboxes have always been an American pastime. When you think of jukeboxes, most people think of the 50’s, when the greasers and cheerleaders would gather around and play their favorite songs in a diner. However, if you think jukeboxes have died, they haven’t.

Since then, they modernized and changed significantly to the touch of convenience, where smartphones have dominated the music industry. If you think all there is left of public music is dance club and DJ’s, well think again. Jukeboxes are still around and grooving with life. So let’s go explore the pastime of jukeboxes with this national holiday.

History of Jukebox Day

The term jukebox was coined from the term ‘juke houses’ or ‘jook joints’, which were establishments in the early 1900s where people gather to drink and listen to music. The first jukebox was invented in 1889 when Louis Glass and William S. Arnold created the first coin-operated player.

From the 1930s to the late 1970s, jukeboxes soared in demand and went through many radical changes. However, it wasn’t until 2010 when TouchTunes, a music corporation that revolutionized the vintage jukebox with touch screens and mobile apps that interact with a person’s library.

TouchTunes then proclaimed Jukebox Day as a national holiday in 2017 and since then has made a TouchTunes Jukebox sweepstake that allows a person to share their jukebox memories and play songs through their app to win prizes.

They founded this day as a day to celebrate the classical jukebox and the memories it evokes for people of all ages. This day also falls on the day that the first jukebox was invented, and since it occurs on the day before Thanksgiving, it happens to be when people travel to bars and restaurants to listen to their favorite music.

Is there anything as nostalgic as tuning up music that got its start on vinyl and LP’s before CD’s and DVD’s took over everything on the equipment that used to grace every club, restaurant, and bar?

How to celebrate Jukebox Day

You could purchase a jukebox, but they tend to be expensive. However, with TouchTunes it isn’t because you can download their app and locate a TouchTunes jukebox in your local area and play songs through there.

Using the hashtag #JukeboxDay, you can share how much you love jukeboxes, and also follow TouchTunes on their social media websites. However, if you’re into the more traditional jukeboxes, you can find your local 50’s diner and play songs on their jukebox.

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