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I Forgot Day - Tuesday, July 2, 2024

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If you’re anything like us, you’re absolutely rubbish at remembering holidays, anniversaries, doctors’ appointments, and… well… let’s be frank. We’re just rubbish at remembering anything, there’s just so much going on in today’s busy world that we can’t possibly keep track of it all!

This, unfortunately, results in us having to apologize to people for missed appointments and parties, and I Forgot Day is your opportunity to get a jump on all the apologizing you’ll have to do for the year, and make up for things already forgotten.

Learn about I Forgot Day

It is ironic how we often forget the things worth remembering, but remember the things worth forgetting.

Are you forgetful? For some people, they can’t remember anyone’s birthdays or special events, even if they live with them! There are then those who have a list of things they have been meaning to do for ages, but they simply keep forgetting! We have even heard about people who have forgotten to attend weddings!

For the super-organized of you, you may think that this is impossible. However, if you’re like the rest of us, you will know that life simply seems too busy sometimes, and it can seem impossible to keep up with everything that is going on. That is why there has been a day created to help you out!

On I Forgot Day, you have the perfect opportunity to make up for everything that you have forgotten. Whether it was someone’s birthday or you forgot to do something you promised your partner that you would, now is the day that you can make amends for it.

It may be that you have forgotten so many things it is simply not possible to rectify it all in one day. Well, if that is the case, make a list and make sure you start ticking things off the list that you are supposed to have done by now!

Some great quotes about forgetfulness 

There are plenty of great quotes online, and you can combine these with an apology to your friend or loved one if you want to put a smile on their face for forgetting something. For example, one that is assured to make a few people laugh is:

You could send this quote to one of your loved ones, with an apology, and I am sure they will forgive you for whatever it is you have forgotten! 

History of I Forgot Day

We’d tell you what the origin of I Forgot Day is, but we seem to have forgotten. In fact, it was probably forgetting something that made the original creator develop yet another day he’d inevitably forget in the future.

That being said, it still created a fantastic opportunity for those of us who are chronically forgetful and creates an opportunity to change that in the future. On I Forgot Day, it’s time for you to put an end to your forgetfulness, and instead organize it so that your calendar will help you not forget.

There’s a lot of things that contribute to forgetfulness, including stress (which of course just leads to more stress), poor diet, and illness. One of the most unusual actually involves walking through a door, there is reason to believe that your brain perceives the world as a sort of series of ‘scenes’ or ‘frames’, and passing through the door causes it to dump all information from the previous room as largely unimportant. Sounds farfetched, but fascinating!

How to Celebrate I Forgot Day

The whole purpose of I Forgot Day is to make amends for those things you’ve forgotten, admit it to the people who have been affected by your forgetting, and ensure that they know that you still appreciate them. This can be done most effectively by writing a special apology note indicating that you’re absolutely mortified that you forgot their birthday or other special occasion.

Everyone has a smartphone these days (And if you don’t, we don’t want to talk to you), and all of those smart phones have built in calendar apps. By putting all of the things you’ve forgotten into your calendar, and set up reminders for the future to prevent you from forgetting them again.

I Forgot Day is an important chance to set things right and make sure the next year is full of a few less “I’m sorry, I forgot” days than the previous one.

You can even turn this into a creative day and have some fun making your own calendar. This is something you can do as an arts and crafts project. Or you can use one of the online services that are available in order to create a beautiful printed calendar, which is filled with all of your favorite memories. This is a good way to turn I Forgot Day into something fun and exciting, rather than sitting there and telling yourself off for everything that you have forgotten over the years. 

You may also want to spend the day setting up reminders and little notes for yourself to leave around the home. Do you always forget to take the trash out on the day it is collected? Perhaps you are supposed to ring your parents on a Monday, but you tend to forget about that as well? Invest in some Post-it notes or cute memos to ensure you never forget anything again.

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