Tangible Karma Day

Tangible Karma Day - Thursday, April 3, 2025

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It’s referenced in a million different ways, across as many cultures and religions. “Do unto others as you’d have them do to you”, “You reap what you sow”, “What goes around comes around”, all of these statements speak of one suspected truth of the universe. That the energy you put out into the world is what will come back to you.

Tangible Karma is your opportunity to help yourself while helping others, by putting out those items around your home that you no longer need and passing the on freely to those who need them. The nice thing is, with Karma, you can expect it all to come back to you.

History of Tangible Karma Day

Tangible Karma is a company founded by Amber Nicole Dilger in 2005 and her idea was to recycle and reuse. You can visit their website to donate goods and track how they are used to help others.

Amber knew that a cluttered life can lead to a cluttered mind, which in turn leads to an instability of emotion and overall nervousness that can take away from the calming space that a home is supposed to be.

Combining this with her strong conviction of being a steward of the Earth and making the best possible use of its resources, she knew that recycling resources is a great way to tread lightly on our home.

Tangible Karma Day is set to raise awareness of these causes, and to help bring others into line with her attempts to help protect the Earth, its resources, and the future of those who live here.

It’s through efforts like Tangible Karma and another team she’s working with, New Wind Energy®, that she moves forward with her cause and spreads the benefits to everyone.

How to celebrate Tangible Karma Day

There are some great ways to celebrate this spreading of Karma and love. The best way to celebrate the coming together of people across the world is with a coming together of a small group at your home.

Just call together a house party and have everyone show up and bring something to donate. But if you’re feeling more proactive about getting out in the community, you can also spend time working at a local shelter. Homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, all of these communities service unfortunates passing through a difficult and often traumatic part of their lives.

Tangible Karma Day is a great chance to help others in the world, and we even get an immediate result back, the feeling of having done well for someone who needs it.

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