Lincolnshire Day

Lincolnshire Day - Tuesday, October 1, 2024

If you think Lincolnshire is a town dedicated to Abraham Lincoln, then you would be mistaken. Lincolnshire is a small community in England and unsuspectedly, this town is a center of a famous revolt during the Tudor dynasty. As a center of religious conflict, Lincolnshire Day commemorates the event as a part of English history. If you’re interested in learning about the history of Lincolnshire Day and see how you can celebrate it with your friends.

History of Lincolnshire Day

Lincolnshire marks the anniversary of the Lincolnshire Rising, a rising of Roman Catholics against the newly established Church of England during the 1530’s. Both Protestants and Catholics were aiming to established religious autonomy. As the dissolution of monasteries started to occur, much of the properties started transferring over to the Crown. Because the Church of England began to form, many Roman Catholics that inhabited England were not happy. Many of the protests against the suppression of Catholic religious houses started in the churches of Lincolnshire and spread to nearby towns. However, the protests were cut short when King Henry VIII sent reinforcements and killed off the leaders of the protests.

Lincolnshire Day became a holiday in 2006 by Lincolnshire Life magazine readers and BBC radio listeners. The date was created to help educate locals and those who have moved to the countryside about the event and help honor those who lost their lives. It also became a way to celebrate the culture of Lincolnshire. Many famous people rose out of the county, including Sir Isaac, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Matthew Flinders, and Joseph Banks. The county celebrates the event by wearing yellow and supporting their local businesses.

How to celebrate Lincolnshire Day

If you’re looking to celebrate Lincolnshire Day, take the time to learn about British history and focus your research on the county of Lincolnshire and see what interesting facts you can find. If daring, save up money and take a trip to England and visit Lincolnshire to see the culture and history of the area.

Share this holiday on social media and let everyone know what day it is today by using the hashtag #lincolnshireday. Start a conversation about English history and see what kind of conversations you can have.

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