Linguine Day

Linguine Day - Sunday, September 15, 2024

Linguine is one of the most popular pasta alongside spaghetti and can be paired with any light and refreshing sauce, such as a shrimp butter garlic sauce or a pesto sauce. Because it’s so popular, that’s why there’s a day dedicated to the invention and love of the linguine pasta, Linguine Day. If you want to know more about this kind of pasta, then read more to learn about its history and see how you can celebrate it today.

History of Linguine Day

Linguine, a type of pasta that’s oblong in shape and is flatter than spaghetti, first appeared in the 1700’s in Genova, Italy. According to Giulio Giacchero, an author who wrote about the economy of Genova in the 1700’s, he wrote about trenette, a pasta similar to linguine, that was seasoned with pesto, green beans, and potatoes and said it was the typical festival dish of Ligurian families of the time. Italian families would typically make these pasta dishes by hand and would make the pasta with eggs instead of wheat flour. This type of dish is still popular in the Liguria areas of Italy today.

Linguine dishes today are generally served with vegetable or seafood sauces. In certain parts of Italy, linguine is served with clams, mussels, calamari, or prawns. In other areas, such as Tuscany, this kind of pasta can be made with totoni (a type of squid), shrimp, tomatoes, mussels, creamed salmon, and even pumpkin. While there are many different kinds of recipes, the pasta itself isn’t traditionally served with heavy sauces because of the shape of the pasta. Today, the pasta is mass produced with white bleached flour or whole wheat flour and then dried for easy storage.

How to Celebrate Linguine Day

If you want to celebrate Linguine Day, then start by creating your own dish with linguine by creating your own light version of a seafood or vegetable sauce. Start with a base of butter and olive oil, and add spices such as garlic, cilantro, mint, Italian seasoning. Then use that base to add whatever seafood or vegetable such as shrimp, clams, mussels, or prawns. From there, if you want to make it creamier, you can add heavy cream or milk to make the sauce taste even better. If you love linguine, then share this holiday on your favorite social media websites and use the hashtag #linguineday to let everyone know what day it is today.

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