Lucky Penny Day

Lucky Penny Day - Friday, May 23, 2025

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Pennies are often just a nuisance. They don’t seem to be worth much, especially considering their weight, which is decidedly disproportionate to their actual value. So what are they really good for? Well, for centuries, finding a penny has been considered a good omen, an event that suggested something good would happen in the life of the finder. Lucky Penny Day is all about celebrating this simple superstition and doing what we can to make sure some good does, in fact, come of pennies.

Learn about Lucky Penny Day

In order to understand the importance of Lucky Penny Day, you need to learn about why people believe pennies bring them good luck. When you are cleaning out your room or you put on a jacket you have not worn for some time and you find some spare change in your pocket, it always feels like a victory! But what is it about pennies that are considered lucky? 

Well, according to one theory, people originally believed that pennies would bring them a lot of luck due to their religious beliefs. Ancient civilizations believed that copper and other metals were gifts from the gods, which were intended to provide people with protection from evil. This theory was also fueled by a number of other superstitions, such as metal horseshoes and charm bracelets, which people also believed to be lucky. 

This is not the only reason why a lot of people believe that pennies bring good luck. Another reason is to do with the two sides of a coin, which people believe to be a representation of the battle between evil and good. If you find a penny when it is heads side up, this means that you have luck on your side. However, luck is not going to be as much in your favor if you find a coin and it is tails-side up. Some people say that if you find a penny and it is tails side up, you should flip it the other way round and leave it so that it brings the next person that finds it luck. 

Here are some of the common superstitions that people have regarding pennies…

  • Do not spend a penny that you find. Instead, save it for luck.
  • If you place a penny in your shoe, it will bring good fortune.
  • Carrying three pennies with you is going to bring you good luck.
  • Throwing a penny coin over your left shoulder into a wishing well or water will grant your wish.
  • Tossing a penny when you have a problem enables fate to take care of the issue for you.
  • Coins with holes in them are considered especially lucky. 
  • If you put the first penny you get every day into your pocket, you are going to attract more as the day continues.
  • If you find a penny, it means that there is more money coming your way.
  • If you keep a coin in your baby’s crib, the baby will grow up to be wise, wealthy, and healthy.
  • To secure good luck, you should carry a penny that was minted in your birth year.
  • Having a jar filled with pennies in your kitchen is good luck.
  • If you toss a penny overboard while you are traveling at sea, it will bring you a safe trip. 
  • Some also say that you should carry a penny in your pocketbook, which is wrapped in paper, so you are able to say that you are never broke.

These are just some of the different superstitions that people believe in when it comes to pennies and the luck they bring!

History of Lucky Penny Day

Today’s penny was modelled on the ancient Roman denarius. When the Ancient Romans invaded the part of Europe known today as England, they brought their monetary system with them. Even when the Romans departed the region several hundred years later, the idea remained, and later English coins were made to be similar to those used by the ancient Romans.

The penny was officially introduced into England in 757 A.D., and they travelled to America with the first settlers. The first copper pennies as we know them today were manufactured in the United Stated in 1793, as copper was plentiful in that part of the world at the time. When exactly pennies came to be seen as lucky is unknown; however, it this is thought to have been the case for hundreds of years.

How to celebrate Lucky Penny Day

Penny hunts can be lots of fun, contrary to popular opinion, especially if you have children to share them with. You’s be amazed at just how many places you can find pennies and other spare change in. So, why not organize a contest? Whoever finds the most change wins!

This will not only serve as excellent entertainment but also help you tidy your home a little. So what are you waiting for? Time to go penny hunting! If you have more than one child and wish to make things even more fun, you could consider planting change around the house to be found. Let the best penny hunter win! But the fun doesn’t end once all of the pennies have been found—once you’ve recovered the money, you must figure out what to do with it.

his is where you can get really creative because there is an infinite amount of things that can be done even with a dollar or two. Having your children contribute to the decision-making process could prove an interesting and educational experience as you could teach them the value of even small amounts of money. Together, you could decide whether you want to keep the money and save it up for something bigger, or give it to some charity.

Wherever you live in the world, there are definitely tens if not hundreds of charitable organisations nearby that you can choose to donate to. So, what do your children feel especially passionate about? Less fortunate children? The sick? Homeless animals? Lucky Penny Day is the perfect time to show them the value of money, and just how far a dollar or two can go for someone truly in need. Pennies may indeed seem worthless in many cases, but Lucky Penny Day can prove to be anything but.

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