Monte Cristo Sandwich Day

Monte Cristo Sandwich Day - Tuesday, September 17, 2024

Sometimes you can get enough of a good thing, but you can make a good thing better. The Monte Cristo Sandwich is one such thing. If you’ve never had this amazing love-child of a club sandwich and french toast, it’s far past time you change that. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner just got better, and Monte Cristo Sandwich Day celebrates that fact.

History of Monte Cristo Sandwich

It’s said that on a particularly foggy and melancholy day in the Bay Area of Southern California, a cook had decided to find a way to bring joy and light to those currently crowded in under an oppressively cloudy sky covering streets of Tooley Fog. This hero of the culinary world strode into their laboratory of delicacies to ponder what food would be strong enough to beat back the fog, part the clouds, and bring smiles to the faces of their patrons. Sometime later, a miracle emerged from the kitchen, steaming, golden brown, and dusted with powdered sugar and maple syrup, the Monte Cristo Sandwich was delivered to the blessed soul who would first get to consume it.

The first forkful revealed a classic Club sandwich that had been dipped in french toast batter and grilled to golden brown perfection. The combination of sweet and savory, with the rising zing of sourdough, had produced what is likely the world’s perfect sandwich. Monte Cristo Sandwich Day is dedicated to those brave enough to dream of new culinary adventures and with taste buds bold enough to enjoy combinations of flavors others might find a bit much for their unrefined pallets.

How to Celebrate Monte Cristo Sandwich Day

For those who aren’t seeking to create their own masterpiece, the magic of the Monte Cristo Sandwich is available at many higher class restaurants. We encourage you to head out and enjoy this sandwich, especially if you have never had the unique opportunity of dining on this incredible creation. For those more daring, you can prepare a simple french toast dip and make a club sandwich on the usual sourdough. Don’t skimp on the ham, turkey, or bacon. Once it’s assembled, dip it in the french toast mix and carefully grill it on a hot skillet until it’s golden brown. Top it with butter, syrup, and powdered sugar, and serve!

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