Muffin Day

Muffin Day - Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Who doesn’t like a big, tasty muffin to start their day in the morning? Muffins are an essential morning staple for many people (and great in the evenings too). Muffin Day is an opportunity for you to celebrate everything you might love about muffins with the people around you. 

Muffins are fantastic: they come in a variety of flavors, they’re super easy to make, and they’re fun to eat. Everyone has their way of eating muffins. Some chew through them in a couple of bites, while others take their time, spreading the butter and jam to make a muffin sandwich. However you eat your muffins, they’re well worth celebrating. 

History of Muffin Day

Muffin Day might be a big celebration today, but the concept has humble beginnings. It all started with the work of tech company employee Jacob Kaufman. Every morning on the way to work, Kaufman would take a bag of muffins with him and hand them out to homeless people in the city in which he worked. For years, Kaufman was a source of giving and inspiration to the less fortunate than him, providing them with delicious food that they could enjoy. For many, it was the highlight of their day.

Kaufman continued doing his work under the radar until blogger Julia Levy picked up on his story. She reported what he was doing on a blog post about ordinary philanthropists. After talking with one another, the duo soon realized that they could use the appeal of the muffin to help more homeless people living in other places. The result of the conversation was the inception of Muffin Day, an opportunity for people to bake muffins and raise money for homeless shelters. Muffins would go from something that served consumers to a vehicle for helping less fortunate people on the streets. 

The need for Muffin Day is enormous. There are thousands of people living on the streets who need warm, delicious muffins made with love. 

How to celebrate Muffin Day

You’ll be pleased to know that celebrating Muffin Day is easy and there are lots of things that you can do. 

The organizers of Muffin Day encourage people to bake their own muffins and hand them out to people experiencing homelessness in the communities around them. To sweeten the deal Kaufman and Levy have set up an organization that will donate money to homeless people in a specific city every time participants bake muffins and hand them out to people who need them in their local areas. 

People can also celebrate Muffin Day by going out and searching for the best bakery in town. Why not advertise Muffin Day on your social media account, gather up a group of people, and then do a bakery crawl? Try each muffin individually and then decide which offers the most exceptional culinary experience. 

Finally, Muffin Day is an opportunity to try different kinds of muffins from all around the world. Why not hunt down all the different varieties and try them out?

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