Middle Name Pride Day

Middle Name Pride Day - Wednesday, March 5, 2025

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When you were born, your parents took the time to carefully consider what name to give you. Parents debate over names and how their choice could affect their child during their life.

Will the name they pick cause schoolyard teasing or set them up for success? It is all in your parent’s hands and sometimes it is possible to think that the name you were given is not quite what you would have liked, especially those easy to hide middle names.

Don’t hide on Middle Name Pride Day! Share your middle name and let the pride and love that your parents put into it show!

History of Middle Name Pride Day

The history of middle names is very interesting. There isn’t a firm date on when middle names first appear in English-speaking countries. When it comes to those of royal and noble birth, we know that the tradition was in effect in the 17th Century by looking at the Stuart pretender James Francis Edward Stuart.

It was common for those of high birth to have many names. This is still the practice in modern royal families. For instance, Queen Elizabeth II was christened Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.

Considering that different countries have different traditions when it comes to the naming of children it is fun to use this day to get to know your friends and co-workers better.

You may learn more than just their names, but the traditions of cultures that are new to you. In some countries, a middle name may have the mother’s maiden name. In others, the middle name is used as a reflection of honor for a close relative or friend.

How to celebrate Middle Name Day

This a great day to wear your middle name proudly. Proclaim it from the mountain tops… ok maybe not that, but share it! Get used to how it sounds. Take time to ask your parents why they chose your middle name if you haven’t heard the story before. You may learn more than just your name, but stories of your family who have come before you.

Every holiday can have some fun and food in it! Cookies proudly proclaiming your children’s or friend’s middle names can be a yummy way to celebrate the day. Take time to share with your children why you picked their names. There is never a bad day to share memories with each other.

No matter if you are of noble or common birth, your name and what family history it carries with it should never be a source of embarrassment. You parents gave you your middle name out of love. Take time to embrace that love and come around to pride in that name.

If you are feeling that your name just can’t see the light of day, spend some time with your favorite search engine. You will be surprised to find some truly unique ones gifted to the who’s who of Hollywood! After looking at those, you can truly enjoy Middle Name Day!

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