Name Tag Day

Name Tag Day - Tuesday, March 4, 2025

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We live in a world of well over seven billion people, meaning we are surrounded by individuals constantly. However, it is an unfortunate fact that many of us can feel alone, out of place and even anonymous within the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Nametag Day has been doing its best to do away with this situation since this inception, allowing all of us to visually proclaim “Look at me!” to the world around us.

Thanks to Name Tag Day, countless participants will wear a name tag to the office, while going shopping or during a visit to a new city every single year. Of course, some of these tags are simple while others are inventive and definitely worth a second glance. The end intention is the same; to connect with others who may have simply gone their separate ways. So, what better way to introduce ourselves to the vast world around us than with the use of a bespoke and stunning name tag?

History of Name Tag Day

Name Tag Day began several years back when an onomatology hobbyist named Jerry Hill decided that names were just not getting as much recognition as they deserved, seeing as how much of a vital role they play in all of our lives all day, every day.

Hill’s fascination with names, however, had actually started years earlier, when he was just a child. In fact, Name Tag Day is not just a day, it’s a just a part of an entire week called Celebrate Your Name Week (CYNW), devoted to celebrating the names our parents gave us, be they beautiful, unusual, or original, and discovering more about their origins.

How to celebrate Name Tag Day

Calling someone by their name evokes an almost instant feeling of greater familiarity that referring to them using Mr., Mrs., etc., not to mention the third-person way people who are older or have more authority than we do are addressed in other languages. Calling a person by their first name is also much more personal because, as Freud noted, a name is an extremely integral part of a person.

And that’s why the world would be a much friendlier, much more open place if we all knew each other’s names, and chances are we’d all feel much safer and more trusting of others. Imagine walking down the street or sitting on the cafeteria at lunch and knowing who you’re talking to at all times, and not having to avoid people for fear of awkward encounters spent wondering who this person you’re talking to actually is. It’s a nice thought, isn’t it?

That’s why this Name Tag Day don’t only wear a name tag yourself but encourage others to do the same! Get as many people as you can at your workplace or school to join in on this fun initiative that is sure to bring everyone just a little bit closer to each other. Just make sure you don’t forget all of the new names you’ve learned the next day!

Another thing you could do is get your family or friends together to do some research into the history of your names, how they have evolved over the centuries, and which famous historical figures may have shared them. Either way, Name Tag Day is sure to be an educational one that will change the way you see both yourself and other people.

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