May Ray Day

May Ray Day - Sunday, May 19, 2024

Nature & Environment

There’s a saying that goes “April Showers bring May Flowers” that talks about the natural turning of the seasons and how the wonderful spring rains. Each year this turning of the page comes about bringing the awakening rains of early spring, and then the comfortably warmth and rich smells of May bursting into flowers. Unless you’re in New York, where sometimes it decides that May is a perfectly acceptable month to snow in, but that’s another matter. May Ray Day celebrates this turning of the seasons, and encourages you to get out and enjoy it!

History of May Ray Day

The history of May Ray Day is as old as the wheel of the year, turning through season after season for time out of mind. It has meant a great deal to many people and cultures as the ages past, being an indicator for when to begin planting, marking the true end of the cold of winter and the rise of a burgeoning summer. In the stores you’ll find the most beautiful of spring and summer clothing, nor more with the galoshes and heavy winter coats, no more thick sweaters and layers of long-johns.

This is spring, and that means it’s time to welcome the sun back into the warming sky and get on out and flaunt your stuff! Plants everywhere, after having regained their lush foliage after a cold long winter, start blooming into life. Your body craves the sun, it’s actually essential to the utilization of vitamin D, which is required for strong healthy bones, along with a collection of other healthful things. May Ray Day is your signal to get out into the sun and soak up the heat.

Celebrating May Ray Day

Get yourself out into the sun and enjoy the day! That’s the best way to celebrate May Ray Day. Get a new wardrobe of pretty spring clothes and take your family out on a picnic! Been exercising inside all winter? Get yourself out into the sun and go for a walk or a jog, breathe in that fresh verdant air, and if you have allergies, take a Benadryl… What? We know some of you out there dread spring because of hay fever, but you can still prepare yourself for a wonderful time in the outdoors. May Ray Day is your reminder to go outside and soak up some sun in the great outdoors, so get out there!

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