Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - September 2024

In 2015 there were 1.2 million reported cases of ovarian cancer, resulting is 161,000 deaths from this terrible disease. Most people know someone who has suffered from this terrible condition and the affects on them and their families can be devastating. Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month helps to remind us of those that suffer from this disease every day, and that a cure has yet to be found. However, one can watch for certain signs to help catch it early and eliminate it before it becomes fatal.

History of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Ovarian Cancer is a condition that primarily affects women who are 50 years or above, and many of those who are affected have a genetic predisposition that increases their chances of contracting it. www.ovariancancerawareness.org is a place to gather information on the advances made in identifying and treating ovarian cancer, as well as finding its cause and possible steps to prevent it. Catching Ovarian Cancer early is vital in ensuring the highest chances of survival. When caught early, there is a 93% chance of survival, making it one of the most survivable cancers we know.

The problem is that symptoms of Ovarian Cancer can be quite subtle at first, often going unnoticed before steps are taken to diagnose their cause, in part because these earliest stages are often painless. Some of the symptoms have similarities to PMS, including discomfort, bloating, and back pain. As the condition worsens it can include diarrhea, loss of appetite, and fatigue, among a myriad of other possible symptoms. Ovarian Awareness Month reminds us to pay attention to these seemingly harmless identifiers and get them checked out if anything seems unusual.

How to observe Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Observing Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is best done by pursuing education, especially on how to identify the earliest stages. Whether you’re a woman who could potentially contract Ovarian Cancer, or have loved ones that are, learning these symptoms are good for everyone. You can also participate in fundraising activities to help raise money with the purpose of providing money for research and education. Every little step we take is one more step towards a 100% recovery rate, and a steadily decreasing instance amongst those who are presently potential sufferers. Don’t let another month go by without learning how to identify this condition, the life you save could be your own, or your mother’s!

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