PayDay It Forward

PayDay It Forward - Saturday, March 29, 2025

When you think about it, nothing is stopping any of us from generating ripples of kindness that reach out across the world and the people around us. All of us could share words of affirmation with both the people we know and strangers to make the world a better place. 

This is the concept behind PayDay It Forward. The idea is simple: you pay the kindness you’ve received throughout the year forward to our young men. 

Everybody faces challenges in their lives, both big and small. PayDay It Forward is a reminder that we need to celebrate and honor the young men in our community. At the core of the day is the idea that everyone in the community should do something to make the lives of young men better. If we all got involved, the lives of the young men in our world might be much better. 

PayDay It Forward is an opportunity for people to acknowledge and honor with young man that they encounter with kind gestures and words. The purpose is to validate their presence and existence with personal affirmation and praise. 

History of PayDay It Forward

PayDay It Forward began as a way to get communities to show kindness to their young men and honor them.

Many people want to share their goodwill with young men, but often don’t dare to do so. There’s an enormous amount of untapped kindness out there, and it’s a resource that could benefit society if people could utilize it. PayDay It Forward is an attempt to make that happen. 

How to celebrate PayDay It Forward 

Getting involved with PayDay It Forward is incredibly easy. There are so many things that you can do. 

  • Honor the young men that you encounter. Young men often face considerable pressure in their lives, from education to careers and relationships. PayDay It Forward if an opportunity for everyone to share their gratitude for these members of the community and to show them compassion. 
  • Provide words of affirmation. Many young men don’t often hear words of affirmation that build them up. PayDay It Forward is an opportunity to praise the men in your community and make them feel like valuable members of society.
  • Validate their presence. If you suspect that a young man might feel alienated or left out of the community, then you might want to validate their presence. Letting them know that you value their role in the community and are grateful for the work that they do is an important act of inclusion. The more people that are vested in the success of a community, the better that community will be. 

How will you take part in PayDay It Forward? Will you acknowledge each young man you encounter?

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