Flatmate’s Day

Flatmate’s Day - Monday, March 24, 2025

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Have a flatmate that rocks? Explore a few simple and fun ways to say thanks.

You know you owe your flatmate a lot. She’s taken the dog out for you when your shift ran late; he stood beside you with a can of roach spray in hand when your crazy ex showed up for the ninth time that weekend; and she loaned you cash to pay your cell phone bill when you ran over your minutes. Through thick and thin, your flatmate has had your back.

And now it’s time to say thank you, here’s a few ideas for you.

Say something nice. Drop a compliment out of the blue, and be sincere. Do this a handful of times a week. Otherwise, communication is only about problems.

Cook enough for both of you. If you’re cooking a meal for yourself, double up the recipe and invite your flatmate to the feast. Food is often a flash point, turn it into a positive instead.

Be reliable. Pay bills (especially rent) on time, every time. If you say you’re going to clean, make sure you do it. Don’t leave your flatmate guessing.

Be resource conscientious. Turn off lights, turn down the AC or heat when you leave, conserve water. Lower utility bills help everyone.

Get your clean on. Tidy up the communal areas – kitchen, bathroom, living room – without being asked and without being all holier-than-thou about it. This is HUGE if your roomie is the one that usually does the cleaning.

Throw some money around. Don’t fret over pennies, round your portion of the utilities up to the nearest dollar. Don’t make a big deal about it.

Throw some money around, part 2. Buy a nice coffee machine, microwave, TV – upgrade something you share. You’re gonna take it with you when you leave, go ahead and spread some joy while you’re together.

Offer to get away. It’s always nice to have some private time at home. Tell your flatmate ahead of time that you’re going to be away for a few hours or the weekend.

These are all so little work, but they make a huge difference – let your flatmate know you care!

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