Introverts Week

Introverts Week - March 17-23, 2025

People & Relationships

For those who are introverts, it can always seem like a hassle to fit into a society that thrives on the ability to be outgoing and active. Introverts, however, have a huge value in business and can greatly benefit the workplace.

Introverts can provide perspectives that others may not see, and many times, those who identify with introversion may feel pressured to fit into society by acting extroverted.

Introverts Week aims to change the stereotypes that people believe when it comes to introverts and help those see the benefits introversion has to offer.

History of Introverts Week

Introverts Week was founded by Matthew Pollard, author of the Introvert’s Edge and the Introvert’s Edge podcast. He founded Introverts Week to encourage introverts not to be ashamed of who they are and give them the opportunity to teach them how they can be successful in business and life.

Introverts Week is about celebrating introversion, seeing the benefits it can have in life, and teach people who don’t understand introversion that it just as valid as extroversion and in many ways, can be successful in any aspect of life.

The terms introversion and extroversion have been popularized by the psychologist Carl Jung, who was famous for his new science of analytical psychology that still is used today. These term are used to differentiate the self using the consious and subconcious elements of a person’s mind, such as personality traits.

Many argue about how extroverts, the outgoing, energetic behavior, are valued in society as a trait that breeds success, while those who are considered more introverted show off the more negative consequences of their traits, which include their solidary, secluded behavior. Introverts Week is about changing those perspetives, stating how ambition is not exlcuded to extroverts, and how introverts don’t have to adhere to a standard to be successful.

How to Celebrate Introverts Week

Take this week to create seminars for your business or school in hopes of teaching people about how they idenitify in their careers and life. Help suggest new training ideas to your manager or coworker about what being an introvert means.

Take the Carl Jung test to see if you are an introvert, ambivert, or extrovert. Think about the benefits that each kind of trait has in your life and see how you can encourage those traits. Use the hashtag #IntrovertWeek and tell people about the holiday on your favorite social media websites.

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