Pay it Forward Day

Pay it Forward Day - Sunday, April 28, 2024

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Every day we find ourselves presented with opportunities to pass forward some good that’s been done in our lives. Whether this is paying for the purchase of the people in the car behind us in the drive-thru, dropping a dollar in the collection jar of a homeless person, or just complimenting someone on their choice of wardrobe, it only takes a moment and a consideration of kindness to brighten someone’s day. Pay it Forward Day is a reminder that we should be engaging in this behavior every day, and that one day someone may pay it forward to us when we most desperately need it.

Learn about Pay It Forward Day

Pay It Forward Day takes place all over the world. The aim of the day is to make a difference by doing a kind act. The hope is that this will have a ripple effect, with kindness being felt across the globe. We often think that small acts don’t make much of a difference, but they do! A small act can make a massive difference to another person. Plus, all of these small acts build up, having a huge effect. This is why Pay It Forward Day is so important!

History of Pay It Forward Day

Pay It Forward Day got its start in 2010 in the United States, working hard to bring forward the concept of paying it forward to the world at large. Paying it forward is what happens when something wonderful happens to you on the part of a stranger, and all they ask for in return is for you to pay it forward, to do something for someone when they need it in the future. Today over 80 countries are participating in this project, and there is a drive to reach over 10 million acts of kindness around the world.

Paying It Forward is, in part, about thinking of the world and those we share the planet with as one giant community. As part of that community, it’s believed that we have a responsibility to help those in need without the expectation of anything in return, and that’s how the concept of “paying it forward” came into existence. Today millions of people all over the world work hard to spread this philosophy of community support, and Paying It Forward Day is dedicated to helping it spread even further.

How to celebrate Pay It Forward Day

Use Pay It Forward Day to start a habit of putting good things out into the world in the form of service to others. Whether you’re making a donation to a good cause or helping someone who just had their grocery sacks bust out the bottom, be sure to tell them to pay it forward as way of recompense. Every day people all over the world work hard to keep this concept going, and Pay It Forward Day is as good as any to get your start!

There are lots of different ways that you can spread the love and kindness on this day. If you have the money to spare, buying a small gift for someone can be a lovely gesture. It is always nice to receive something, especially when it is for no reason apart from the fact that someone wants to let you know you are appreciated.

One thing that we have seen a lot of is people posting Facebook statuses, informing others that they will buy a surprise gift or do something nice for them in the next 12 months, so long as they do the same. This creates a string of kind events. It gives people something to look forward to throughout the year. Plus, the chances are that a lot of people will forget about the gift by the time they receive it, and so it will end up being a lovely surprise.

You can find a way to be kind to people without spending money. The act of kindness you choose depends on the people you know and the sort of help they need. For example, you could offer to take your elderly neighbor shopping once per week or to get their shopping for them. If you have any friends with children, you could offer to babysit so that they can have a bit of “me” time.

Another way to display kindness is by paying people complements and sending messages to your family and friends to let them know how much you appreciate them. You may also decide to volunteer your time to help a charity or organization that you are passionate about. The options are endless. It is not about how grand your gesture is or how much money you spend. Every act of kindness is appreciated and goes a long way.

Finally, it is also good to read up on the acts of kindness that other people have done. You will find that more and more of these stories appear on Pay It Forward Day, so you should be able to find plenty of accounts on social media and in the news. However, thanks to the Internet, you can easily find plenty of inspiring stories about random acts of kindness. Such tales can be incredibly uplifting to read and they can give you ideas for your own. Plus, it is always uplifting to read about positive news rather than negative news, isn’t it?

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