Poem in Your Pocket Day

Poem in Your Pocket Day - Wednesday, April 30, 2025

A twist of verse, a flurry of metaphor, and just a dash of simile. These few elements can come together to help paint images in words and sound, they can twist the heart and make it bleed sorrow, or loose the chains from a burdened soul. Poem In Your Pocket Day is a call to carry a little spiritual lockpick with you throughout your day, and share it with someone who may need just a bit of lyrical magic to help them through their day. Write down a classic or composes your own, but on Poem In Your Pocket day, don’t go anywhere without a freeing bit of verse.

History of Poem In Your Pocket Day

In 2002 the New York City Departments of Cultural Affairs and Education coordinated with the Mayor to create their own special commemoration for National Poetry Month, and it was through this effort that Poem In Your Pocket Day was born. Just 6 years later the Academy of American Poets trumpeted this holiday through all 50 states, encouraging the entire nation to carry a poem with them that inspired their hearts and called them to greatness, and then to share that poem with others. 2016 saw the League of Canadian Poets pick up the torch and spread it to America’s Northern Neighbor. Each of us has our own inner bard, and the last time many of us have heard from them is

Each of us has our own inner bard, and the last time many of us have heard from them is during the angst-ridden days of High School. While we may not have been terribly good, poetry is a skill that has to be practiced to be honed and is beautiful even in our most basic days as a verbal expression of our inner selves. Poetry has moved lives, turned nations, and brought people back from the brink of emotional devastation for centuries, and Poem In Your Pocket Day is your opportunity to bring out your inner poet, dust it off, and sing your heart into the world one more. If only for a day.

How to celebrate Poem In Your Pocket Day

Start by looking within and realizing that all of us contain something of value, poetry is the expression of our inner selves and all that’s within us is worthy of expression. Then take out a pen and start scrawling down anything that comes to mind, any rambling of words that paint images for you. Combine words that don’t go, separate ones that do, or if you’re feeling less adventurous just print out your favorite poem and share it with the world as you go about your day. Poem in your Pocket day encourages you to share that which inspires you to the world!

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