Positive Media Day

Positive Media Day - Saturday, June 22, 2024

Positive Media Day has been created to change the perspective and status quo of every-day media consumption. With a passion to disperse the overriding negative media that overshadows the great positive impact people are making on the world every single day.

With a drive to make all news and media outlets a beacon of inspiration, positivity, and joy for one day, Positive Media Day! With a belief that the world is being ill-represented by the news and shared media.

There is too much hatred, fear, and attacking that goes on every day. If this negativity continues, people will believe that this is how our world is and will always be. The moment we begin perpetuating that negative behavior is the moment we begin to lose as a society.

Positive Media Day is the day to be inspired and uplifted throughout your news feeds and the mainstream media. There is too much good happening and not enough recognition for that good. If we can propel positivity into mainstream media, just for one day, we can change the status quo and begin to shift our global sentiment.

Let’s not surrender ourselves to how things are, let’s create the world we want to live in. One day of overwhelming positivity and inspiration is the jump start we need. Share and follow to help us make the world a more positive place.

With most positivity in the media, Positive Media Day believes that people will be happier, more willing to help others and be excited for the future when they have more exposure to the news that leaves one happy, moved, and inspired. There is a lot of amazing news out there, and we just want more people to see it!

If you are a person who uses social media we ask that you only share news stories or media that leaves people happy, moved, and or inspired and only re-post stories and re-tweet stories of the same content.

If you are a media outlet we ask that you make as much as your content as positive as possible, and if the content doesn’t leave people happy, touched, and or inspired, then following up the story with what is being done to fix or better the world relating to the story.

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