Preparedness Month

Preparedness Month - September 2024

Preparedness Month is all about keeping people safe during cases of national emergency. As a government-approved holiday, Preparedness Month helps people prepare by giving them tools and information they need so that when a disaster comes around, people can be assured and know where to go to keep them and their families safe. Want to learn more about this holiday? Read more here about its history and how you can participate in it.

History of Preparedness Month

Preparedness Month began when one of the most horrific events that the United States experienced and the world had ever seen; September 11, 2001. Three years later since that event, the Federal Emergency Management Agency created this holiday in September 2004 as a way to help its citizens be better prepared for emergencies in their homes and communities. FEMA, alongside other organizations such as the American Red Cross and the Department of Home Security, helped launch a Ready Campaign to help people get started in the way of preparedness against national emergencies.

Since its inception, it has widened its basis for preparedness, helping people all over cover topics in all hazard cases such as prevention, protection, response, and recovery efforts. September was a month also chosen because it is the height of hurricane season in the United States. This month gives people the opportunity to learn about safety measures in cases of emergency and helps educate people overall about how to handle disasters when they come. FEMA and other organizations have many resources to help people get started, henceforth why this holiday is also a national holiday approved by the U.S government.

How to celebrate Preparedness Month

If you would like to know how to be better prepared for natural and unnatural disasters, FEMA and other organizations have plenty of programs that you can be part of, wherever you are. If you want to get started, start by taking the time to learn life-saving skills such as CPR and first aid. Check your insurance policies for disasters such as flood, earthquakes, and tornados.

Help finance you emergency steps by considering the costs it would take during an emergency to keep you and your family safe. Share this holiday by posting it on your favorite social media websites and use the hashtag #preparednessmonth to let your friends know what resources they could have to keep themselves safe.

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