Procrastination Week

Procrastination Week - Feb 23-Mar 1, 2025

Procrastination is something everyone does at some point in their lives. Whether it be that important work deadline, attempting to get up early in the morning for the first day of workout, or avoiding speaking with someone super important until the last minute, it is something that everyone can relate to. For those who procrastinate a lot, Procrastination Week may just be the perfect holiday for you.

History of Procrastination Week

Procrastination has been something that boggles the minds of psychologists for ages. It has more negative than positive effects, so why do it? Many say that what’s important in the most impactful way may not always be the most valued by that person.

That sense of value can be decreased because it’s considered to be a future event rather than something that is instantaneous and immediately gratifying. If that goal doesn’t match what you think of yourself now, it’s easy to try and do other things that benefit you than work towards that long-term goal.

Procrastination Week is, for many, an excuse to put off any important goal for whatever makes you feel good. For some, it’s also a good way to take a break and give your mental and emotional health time to heal and decrease stress. However, as much as people enjoy this holiday, there is also opposition to this holiday.

Procrastination can present a lot of problems for the future, and many would argue that it’s not a good holiday to take part in because part of life is about balancing your goals. On this holiday, people have the choice to procrastinate all they want or choose not to procrastinate by being productive in their long-term goals.

How to Celebrate Procrastination Week

For those who want to enjoy this holiday by procrastinating, take the day off. Put off that piece of work until later. Take the time to relax, breathe, and do what you want at this moment. If you’re a person who works hard, you may just need that break.

However, if you’re against the idea of procrastination, then take the time to get that project done, plan your long-term goals, and work hard towards a better you.

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