Record Store Day

Record Store Day - Thursday, April 17, 2025

Records buying is considered an American pastime, known for its nostalgia and tactical experience. Coming into your local record store to buy a CD can bring you joy and help support your favorite musicians.

Record Store Day aims to celebrate these moments by bringing people together to celebrate their favorite stores and musicians.

History of Record Store Day

Record Store Day brings people together to celebrate the culture of record stores and the roles they play in communities everywhere. Conceived in 2007 by numerous independent record store owners this holiday inspires record stores to celebrate nostalgia. They do this by allowing people to listen to the music they love by their favorite artists.

One year Metallica spent hours at Rasputin’s Music in San Fransisco signing copies of their albums and meeting their fans. In 2009, Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes declared himself the “Record Store Day Ambassador” to show how vital these stores were to artists and fans alike.

Today, hundreds of artists, famous or local, head over to their local record store to perform and spend time with their fans. Artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, Metallica, and Jack White have all worn the ceremonial sashes as ambassadors on this day.

Record Store Day allows independent stores all over the world to create special promotes for CD and vinyl releases. Festivals also happen on this day, including performances, cook-outs, parades, and most importantly, meet and greets. This holiday is celebrated in almost all seven continents, except for Antartica.

Cities such as New York City, Detriot, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas have all declared Record Store Day an official holiday. You can go to a record store for a collectible or just for a copy of your favorite CD. Record stores on this day celebrate the joy of music and the creative artists bring to the world.

How to celebrate Record Store Day

Record Store Day by heading to your local record store and see how they are participating in the day. If you wish to support them, help get in contact with the managers on the Record Store Day website. Here you can see how you can support independent businesses everywhere.

If you’re a local music artist, plan with your local record store and take the day to meet and greet with your local fans. Share this holiday with your friends and family and support your local artists by buying their CDs.

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