Sewing Month

Sewing Month - September 2024

Throughout history there has been a skill that beautifies our homes, protects us from weather of all forms, and ensures that we got a good night’s sleep in the coldest weather. That skill is sewing! September is Sewing Month and it celebrates this artistic practice that clothes our bodies and decorates our homes all year round. So grab your needles and begin stitching a seam!

History of Sewing Month

Sewing Month was established by to celebrate the art-form that encompasses countless others. Sewing and embroidery, applique and crafts, all in infinite variety throughout countless cultures. Recognizing the importance of home sewing to the American people and nations around the world, President Reagan declared September to be Sewing Month in 1982.

Sewing has been practiced for as long as fabric has been a part of the human experience. While styles and patterns came and went, it remained largely unchanged until the 19th century when the sewing machine was first invented. Even though machine sewing has become the new norm, hand sewing still remains a regular part of many peoples lives, from textile artists to hobbyists. There’s an almost limitless variety of materials you can work in as well, from llama wool fabric to leather, all ready to become whatever your heart desires!

These days there are even greater advancements than the sewing machine, with computerized sewing being available to perform all sorts of tasks that used to take hours or even days of work. For instance, you can program certain sewing machines with complex embroidery patterns to create images on your fabric in minutes!

Sewing Month is an incredible time to explore this hobby and pick up a new skill!

How to celebrate Sewing Month

Celebrating Sewing Month is a great chance for you to turn your hand to the fabric arts, who knows where the road could take you! Start with making something simple, like a bag or a pouch for holding your sewing supplies! Then you can turn your hand to embroidery to put your name and a pretty pattern on it. From there you could find yourself designing the new line of designer fashions, or even creating a quilt to keep your family and yourself warm at night! When you have become a maven of the sewing arts, there’s almost nothing you can’t accomplish! So pick up that needle and start sewing today!

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