Michelle Obama’s Birthday

Michelle Obama’s Birthday - Friday, January 17, 2025

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Why We Love Michelle Obama’s Birthday

  1. She's inspiring

    It's impossible to read Michelle Obama's memoir and not come away ready to make a difference, whether in your own life or somebody else's. She shows us nothing is impossible, even when every odd is stacked against you. 

  2. She's more than just "Mrs. Obama"

    Michelle never wanted to be solely known as the President's wife, but as someone who made the most of her time in the position she was in, and helped as many people as she could. In that way, she was more than just the first lady, but an icon of her own.

  3. She's not afraid to have fun

    From her appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to the time she told James Corden during Carpool Karaoke "This is the Oval Office, my husband is in there somewhere...well he'd better be, that's where he said he was," Michelle Obama knows how to have a good time, not take herself too seriously, all while still conveying a charitable message of great importance. She's basically, what you'd call, amazing. 

Michelle Obama’s Birthday timeline


Memoir published

Obama's book "Becoming" told the story of her Chicago roots as well as her time in the White House. The memoir sold over 1.4 million copies in its first week.


White House exit speech

A quote: "Being your first lady has been the greatest honor of my life and I hope I've made you proud."


Vogue cover

She appeared on the cover of Vogue for the third time and once again won praise for her timeless sense of style.


Helping veterans

Obama co-founded the Joining Forces program to expand educational and employment options for veterans.


Historic moment

Obama became the first African-American first lady — and only the third with a postgraduate degree.

Michelle Obama’s Birthday FAQs

How many copies of "Becoming" sold?

Within its first week, “Becoming” sold 1.4 million copies. After 15 days, it became the best-selling book in the US for the year of 2018. By March 26, 2019, “Becoming” had sold 10 million copies.

What is Michelle Obama's zodiac sign?

Michelle Obama was born January 17, making her a Capricorn, one of the three signs associated with the element Earth. 

What did Michelle Obama do for our country?

Michelle Obama didn’t want to be solely known as “the wife of the president,” but wanted to make sure she used this rare and short moment of being in the public eye to make a real difference in America. She tuned the South Lawn of the White House into a vegetable garden, which led to her creating the Let’s Move! initiative to make a healthier America and combat childhood obesity. 

Michelle Obama Statistics

10 million sold copies
“Becoming”, Michelle Obama’s memoire, was published November 12, 2018. On just its first day, the book sold around 725,000 copies in the United States and Canada. Barnes and Noble reported the book had more first week sales of any adult books since “Go Set a Watchman” in 2015 and sold 1.4 million copies in its first week. After 15 days, it became the best selling book in the US for the year 2018. By March 26, 2019, “Becoming” had sold 10 million copies. 
Over 21 million low-income children fed
In 2010 Michelle Obama helped pass The School Lunch program with bipartisan support. The program provides free and reduced-priced meals to more than 21 million low-income children and requires districts to serve more fruit, vegetable, whole grain, and lean protein food options. 
20% less sodium and calories
Through her healthy food initiative, Michelle Obama was able to reach Darden, the world’s largest full service restaurant company, which owns Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and other chains. Darden made a commitment to improve kids’ menus by offering a fruit or vegetable and low-fat milk with every meal. They also vowed to reduce total calories and sodium by 20% across their menus over the next 10 years. 

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