National Receptionists Day

National Receptionists Day - Tuesday, May 13, 2025

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They’re overworked and under appreciated. National Receptionists Day on May 13 (second Wednesday each May) is our chance to show these men and women that we truly know who runs the office.

Receptionists have countless responsibilities depending on where they work. But they often act as the boss’ gatekeeper. So make sure you treat them well — especially if you have an important meeting with the CEO. Reports of bad behavior in the lobby tend to make their way to the executive suites. Don’t have an attitude when dealing with them.

Who knows? They might just become the CEO one day.

(Who’s America’s all-time favorite receptionist? Read on for our pick.)



National Receptionists Day Activities

  1. Show appreciation

    A note pointing out a specific moment where they shined in their position, or a gift card to their favorite place, can certainly lift their spirits.

  2. Give them a raise...

    On the other hand, handwritten pleasantries are fine, but they don't pay the rent. Ask yourself if the most important person in the office deserves some extra cash.

  3. ...or a day off

    Can't afford to boost wages? Then give your receptionist a paid day off. It will give them a chance to recharge and the whole staff will benefit.

Why We Love National Receptionists Day

  1. The winner? Pam Beesly

    Jenna Fischer's role as Pam in the mega-hit TV comedy "The Office" gave receptionists across the country a reason to smile. Although rather unenthusiastic at the outset —"I don't think it's many little girls' dream to be a receptionist," she says in the pilot — Pam remains kind and manages to keep her sense of humor.

  2. Receptionists do it all

    Like it or not, that's their job. From managing schedules, to making sure printers have paper, receptionists keep everything running efficiently.

  3. They're mind readers

    Receptionists need to know what the bosses want before the bosses even know themselves. And they have to make it look easy.

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