National Sticker Day

National Sticker Day - Monday, January 13, 2025

Special Interest Activities

Stickers! Just the word has a happy feel to it. And why wouldn’t it? We love stickers. They are all around us and a part of every day life, though we don’t often realize it. January 13 is National Sticker Day and it’s the perfect day to go crazy with your love of them! The first stickers began as tax and postage stamps in the 1800s, but they have come a long way since then and there are a variety of uses and styles today. There are political stickers, band stickers, and bumper stickers. There are funny, cute, congratulatory, and animal stickers. They are especially popular with children, who often collect them in sticker books, but are for everyone and every taste, regardless of age. On January 13, unleash your inner child and get creative with some stickers!

National Sticker Day Activities

  1. Get some stickers!

    Do you have enough stickers? Probably not, you can never have enough. Take the time to get some on National Sticker Day. You could get a new bumper sticker for your car or some fun stickers to put on your laptop or guitar case. If you scrapbook, stickers are great for decorating pages. Make this day the day you replenish your scrapbook and sticker supplies! Whatever your reason, be sure to get some and get creative with them!

  2. Give the gift of stickers!

    Don’t let a friend be “stuck” without stickers. Share the fun with them! Give them a funny or political bumper sticker so they can make a statement. Or give them a whole pack of something they enjoy. Maybe the collect stickers, in which case, help them add to it. If you have a kid in your life you love, give them some. Seriously, kids loves stickers and you will make their day!

  3. Make your own!

    Yes, you can make your own stickers! You can make stickers of your friends, pets, internet memes…whatever you like! There are sticker makers available all over the internet for purchase at all price ranges. There are also service online and in stores that will print stickers for you. Pick the method that’s best for you and have fun!

Why We Love National Sticker Day

  1. They add flair

    Stickers have the ability to jazz up anything you put them on. We love to put them on our laptops (we have to stand out at the coffee shop, right?) and we love to put them on our cars. In school, kids put them on binders and folders. Stickers help us to express ourselves and make our belongings unique to us, and that’s something we love about them.

  2. They help us make a statement

    Stickers are commonly used in politics. They are handed out during elections and we put them on cars to show who we support. In additions to stickers promoting cadidates are stickers promoting causes and organizations, such as the environment or the NRA. We love to show our opinions with stickers, either on clothing, cars, or other things, as a way of self expression and we want the messages these stickers send to “stick”.

  3. They are inherently happy

    Stickers are fun. So much fun. Seriously, who didn’t love getting a sticker on a test? And who doesn’t love reading bumber stickers on other people’s cars while sitting in traffic. When someone hands you a sticker, you always take it and wear it proudly. They just make us happy. Who knew sticky paper could bring us so much joy!

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