National Thank You Note Day

National Thank You Note Day - Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Special Interest Activities

Think thank you notes don’t exist these days? Think again… December 26 is National Thank You Note Day. Put your phone down, dust off your stationary, and get to writing. There is no official known reason to as why this day was created, but we have a feeling it has to do with the many presents people may have received on December 25.

National Thank You Note Day Activities

  1. Attend a note-making workshop

    There are various workshops hosted at various craft stores on this day to help you create a special note for someone. Check the calendar of your local stores to see what workshops are available in your area.

  2. Host a note-making party

    Purchase a variety of sized note cards and envelopes, and invite your friends and family over for a fun time writing thank you notes. Everyone will enjoy writing a special message and decorating envelopes to send away.

  3. Write a thank you note

    It's as simple as that. Take the time to sit down in your favorite reading nook, or at your desk at home, and take the time to think of a thoughtful message to tell some one.

Why We Love National Thank You Note Day

  1. They're handwritten

    In a time when technology drives our daily lives, it is nice to put down our computers, grab a pen and paper, and write a personalized thank you note. Scribbly penmanship acceptable, but not encouraged.

  2. They make us feel special

    Whether you are on the receiving end or the one writing them, thank you notes are a unique way of giving thanks to someone for something that they have done — whether it was a gift received, an uplifting conversation had, or simply being who they are. Thank you notes make everyone feel loved.

  3. It allows us to practice our penmanship

    Texts, emails, and emojis have the same design and lack the personal touch that is embodied in our unique handwriting. Writing thank you notes provides an opportunity to practice our cursive, which will improve with the more notes you write.

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